Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chlorine, 3D Printers, and Academics

Well. It's official. My brother Matthew is going to public school, entering as a Freshman. The thing is, we're all very excited about it. See, he's like my dad in that if a class it too easy, he doesn't see the point in even doing the work. My dad scraped by in classes in Highschool, only to be in the top 2% in the nation on the PSAT and SAT. 3 IQ points away from MENSA as well. Matt only gets passionate about building things and competitions. He will redesign lego sets to be more efficient, effective, and/or just plain cool. In Debate, or Speech, or Robotics, or Swimming, he pushes himself to win, or at least beat more people than he loses to.
Carmel, well, it offers both the academics that he needs, but the nation renowned swim team and a state of the art robotics, engineering, design, and IT labs and classes with a passionate teacher and good academics (They even have a SWEET 3d printer! OH MY GOODNESS!!! AHHH! I'm envious) got us hook, line, and sinker. How much better could it get? The only problem we have is the worldview taught in the Science classes. Evolution. But Matt's worldview is so conservative and Right wing, that he'll only be slightly mellowed. So that concern is pretty low on the list now.

Overall, Carmel Highschool seems to be a perfect fit. My parents looked at lots of schools and homeschool options to get him passionate about something-boarding schools, military academies, christian school, or small, private college prep schools, like University Highschool. They all offered mainly Academics. Military and public were the only ones we thought would work. And upon reading the courses Carmel High offered, the amazing staff, the upbeat teachers, phenomenal sports, awesome engineering courses, and Latin I through 5 as a foreign language (which most schools don't offer these days), they were hooked.
I don't know who is more excited. My parents, my brother, or Me. I'm slightly envious, actually. Still. With my illness, I would have had to drop out from any public or private school and return to homeschooling anyway. And the homeschool at your own pace and level + IUPUI's classes, well...lets just say I'm quite content.

The change though in family schedules and Matt's activities etc...will be drastic. Family dynamics will change. But I'm stoked. Change is good. I thrive on change. That's a topic for another Blog post.
Suffice it to say, We're supportive and looking forward to this new chapter in our familial lives.
If you see Matt, congratulate him. This is a wonderful opportunity, one we all believe will help Matt reach his potential, do great things, and change the world.

Be Well!


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