Friday, June 18, 2010

Kung Fu and Crazy Koalas!

So. I bet you asked your self "What in the world do Kung Fu and Koala bears have in common to warrant that title?". Here's the answer. Nothing. I just happen to get involved with both *grin*.
Last night, Matt, Sarah and I all went to see The Karate Kid. I'm am happy to say that it was not full of Eastern Mysticism, or "Kung Fooey" as my family says. It was instead filled with the lessons that "If like knocks you down, you always have the choice to get back up", "You are who you choose to be", "Hard work and discipline pay off", "Only use Kung Fu (violence, war, raised voices) to make peace. Do not incite conflict. Do not become greedy or self centered. And always show mercy." To me, those ideals are things that every person should heed and practice. I know that I sometimes have a hard time seeing the brightest side of things, choosing to act and be who I want to be (aka. who God wants me to be), not procrastinating and persevering, being less combative, selfish, and mean spirited. Put together, they make a pretty unhappy picture. Luckily, I try not to combine the majority of them. But when it does happen, *whistle* WATCH out. I can be scary.

Sadly, we all have times like that. But, as the movie Karate Kid pointed out, it's always a choice. And Jaden Smith (star of the movie and son of Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will smith) was perfectly suited to show the struggling young man in a strange country overcoming his adversaries and surviving against difficult odds. Those kind of movies and stories always make me smile, cheer and leave feeling good.
So for those of you who enjoy going to the movies, The Karate Kid is an awesome family movie that I would highly recommend.

Now...on to the Crazy Koalas. You read that my family personifies animals, right? Well, I did it again, only THIS time, it was in a gruff British accent, holding an adorable stuffed Koala bear, and using him to "read" Michael's bedtime story of Daffy and Daisy Duck in the Netherlands.
I know. Weird combo. But hey! *shrugs shoulders* I'm not the most normal person around...and I'm still trying to figure out how much of a good thing that is *laugh*. Michael loved it though. He was laughing and falling on my shoulder more than he was looking at the pictures, which, obviously, made me quite content to continue to nationally-challenged Koala act a bit longer.
I warn you though.
I don't do requests. *chuckle*
But if you hang around me long enough, you may find yourself involved in some type of accented, humorous banter that will appear on your Facebook's "favorite Quotations" section *cough-Casey!-cough*. You'll just have to weather the other parts as well to get it.

Anyway. Life is going pretty well, considering. If I'm not feeling any better physically tomorrow afternoon, I'll be calling the doctor and asking for a consultation on my relapse. But that's nothing new. I've done that juggling act for years now, and am pretty good at it. The nurses love me! Seriously. I've got stories. Both where they say I make their job easy and give me a grateful smile, and where the nurse storms out of the room, with her reputation for being the best needle-sticker in St. V's balancing precariously on my arm's willingness to accept the IV. It had refused to do so 7 times before that. Gosh, I hate needles! That experience made me pretty surly for the rest of the staff at the hospital that day. I feel kind of bad about it now, but I still laugh occasionally at the memories of their faces *embarrassed grin*.
I'm working on story ideas, fleshing out my characters, looking for possible jobs as a freelance writer for some magazines, and watching The Mentalist and Castle with my sister. All told, I have little to complain about. I'm just extremely grateful that God created the scientist who came up with the pain killer Tramadol and the Arnica Gel pain reliever. They have definitely helped me through some tough times. Like today.

Be Well!


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