Friday, June 11, 2010

Let it Rain!

Do you ever wonder why the rain effects you so? For some, the pouring rain signifies the loss of sunshine. It brings with it darkness, worry, and trouble, making their day uneasy, or least leaves them feeling less fulfilled. For others, the sound of thunder booming on the edge of a storm system rushing forward makes their pulse quicken with excitement, their emotions a mix of happiness, calm, elation, and comfort. I am one of the latter. Storms, no matter their size or strength, make something great well up within me, and make my days immensely better. *slow smile* In the most basic of terms, the gray, undulating clouds calm my spirit, and put a smile on my face.

When my littlest brother was not yet three, I asked him to come outside with me. He was uncertain at first because the sky was a deep gray, bordering on a dangerous purple, and big drops were hitting the wood deck. I laughed at his hesitation, swung him up in my arms, and spun. He held me tight, his face creased in a wide laughing smile as we half bounded, half waltzed through the wet grass. Our faces were turned upward, rain sliding down our smiling faces. Eventually we just did a couple little skips, then landed on our backs, breathing hard and laughing.
Ever since that day, when Michael hears about a thunderstorm coming or a time when it is going to rain, he gets a peculiar look in his eye. It is often accompanied with his little voice asking "Can we dance in the rain, Rae-rae? Please?" Just the thought of our times together, and his desire to continue our "rain dances" makes my heart skip a few beats.

I enjoy storms more than ever now, just because of that first time dancing with Michael. Since then, I have danced numerous times with Michael, and even once with my sister Sarah, each time reveling in the beauty and majesty of rain. Of thunder. Of lightening. Of storms. Of God.

To be the creator of such a thing must be a feeling beyond measure. We all feel proud when we've memorized and played a music piece perfectly, or delivered a speech to a standing ovation. We are elated when we win awards, or accomplish a feat that had defeated so many before us. But those times are fleeting. Think about God's joy every time he feels the earth shiver under the first drop of rain? His smile as the thunder rolls across wind blown fields, and his plants drink up their first taste of water in days...the feeling must be unimaginable for mere human emotions. Yet, it's fun to try.

Although the storm today was brief and fleeting, my stress levels immediately when down when I heard the telltale signs of thunder, a smile inching it's way onto my face as the drops hit the side of my house and the wind bent the trees to its will. I will always love rain, and the storms that bring it. I will always remember that day I danced with Michael, and I will never forget that God's awe inspiring creativity brought it all into being.
Praise God for his beautiful creation!

My you all be well!


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