Saturday, June 19, 2010

Old Friends

Today I was able to go to the open house of one Zach Heady. If you know him, you will realize why this was such a special time.
Years ago, I joined the first NCFCA speech and debate club in Indy called Indy Procla!m. Zach and his family were a part of it. Their friendship has meant a lot to me, and I'm happy to say that today was just a reminder of how blessed I am with friends. His older sister Julianne, plus Jenny Broadfield, Meredith Lockman and a few others from Procla!m, used to hang out together. We'd go to each others speeches, debate with and against each other, and just have fun.
Zach's younger brother, Joe, was my debate partner at one practice tournament. Our partnership temporarily strained our friendship after the rounds because I was irked by his absentmindedness when it came to reading the perfect closing to our case. We won all our rounds anyway, and probably because of his charisma at the podium *smile*. I had little to worry about.

And then there's Zach. I didn't hang out with him too much, or debate with him. But he was always there, always fun, and always easy to talk to. He has a dashing smile, broad shoulders, and hair that he takes great pride in (and that I take great pleasure in bugging him about_.
When we're not in Speech and Debate with each other, we're at my family's annual square dance, or the Homeschool Convention, or open houses. Today, it was Zach's turn to celebrate making it through highschool, and ready to embark upon the next adventure--college. I am so very happy for him.

One memory I have of Zach and his brother Joe is from a year ago, at the Procla!m hosted S&D tournament at Marian University. I hadn't participated in the club that year, but I wanted to come and support those who WERE competing. Zach came up to me during lunch, slid into the chair across from me, laced his finger together and said "You're a girl, right?"
Now, that's a simple enough question. One that someone generally shouldn't have to answer. It was so simple that I hadn't had much practice answering it. So it took me a few seconds to laughingly say "umm, Yeah? Why?"
And the Joe sat down next to me, and they asked question after question about girls: How they think, what they think, and why they do what they do. I laug,h because their questions were about things that we as females don't have to mull over. We just.....Know. "Why do they say THIS, when later they said they meant something completely different?!" Easy. We want the guy to get what we mean even when we don't say it. We want him to know us well enough to puzzle it out. We want him to be able to read our minds like our girlfriends do. Simple enough. *grin*
Their eyes grew wider and wider and then they laughed at my responses. It seems that females need to be a bit more direct in general with the male species. If we're looking at a microwave but start talking about a problem we had earlier in the day, the guy standing next to us will assume we were having problems with the microwave, and not with work. *laugh* Girls just need to look at each other and they can speak volumes.
It's so fascinating how God wired each of us differently!
Anyway. Zach and Joe were hilarious. I ended up clearing up some things for them, and they showed me how alien and infuriating girls can be to guys....and we do it without even trying and without knowledge that we are even crossing the line of understandability.
THAT is the memory I cherish of Zach. The Zach who has the willingness to ask questions and admit he's at a loss. The Zach that will laugh at absurd ideas, yet recognize their validity and importance. The Zach that will defend a girl's honor with his last breath but poke fun at our makeup habits with his brother...right in front of me. *chuckle* The Zach that wants to treat women as God desires, and to be kind of man that is fun, butch, and sensitive.

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting him, compliment his hair. He'll instantly like you from there on in. If you mention guns and hunting, he'll wrap his arm around your shoulders and lead you to a chair so you can swap stories. If you say the word Impromptu, he'll blanch slightly, but say how he both floundered and soared in the impromptu room at tournaments.
He's a multi-faceted guy. And a gem. I'm hoping I get to keep him as a friend for years to come.

Here's to you, Zach! May your next step into the world lead you ever closer to God and his amazing plan for you. I know you will do wonders!

Be Well!


Z-Man said...

Thanks so much Rae! Haha, the memories that brought back priceless! Thanks for clearing up how the female brain works, I think I have about 30% of it figured out now. ;) May God bless you in life!
Thanks again,

RaeLynn Hitchings said...

I'm glad you liked it! :) I couldn't help but write this. I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed your company until I saw you at the open house! :)

And 30% is amazing. Keep it up *wink*

rogergelwicks said...

He was an awesome debate partner back in the day. I'll always remember the day we went 4-2 at the last tournament of the year to break to regionals. Fun times. I'll try to keep him in line at Cedarville. ;)

RaeLynn Hitchings said...

Yes, you do that Roger!! :) I'm thinking he'll need it *grin*

Andrew said...

Well, that's Zach Heady alright! You would have appreciated the tassel turning at the ceremony. Zach puts on his hat, turns his tassel, and takes off his hat..15 seconds flat! He wouldn't want to mess up that perfect hair now would he? =)

We love you Zach!

RaeLynn Hitchings said...

hahahaha :) YES! The HAIR! :) I couldn't NOT put that into my post.

Z-Man said...

AMEN Andrew!!! haha yeah the whole tassel+hat deal was...a hair ruin-er for sure. ;)

RaeLynn Hitchings said...

Wow Zach. You actually stooped to respond to that ;P Any other "hair ruin-ers" I should be aware of?

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