Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rain Drops, Godzilla and Puppy Dogs

"Woof!" The head of a small stuffed puppy peeked over my mum's arm as she smiled. It's head tilted, giving it a pitiful, plaintiff look. I grinned. Just second before I had held that same dog, only making it play peekaboo and Dance Crew *chuckle*. And all this while we're sitting through my mum's home taught math. It was all review, and we were in a slightly upbeat mood because of Michael, the upcoming swim meet for Matthew, and the rain that was threatening on the horizon. Matt was happy because he wanted the meet to be rained out. I was happy because it would mean another rain dance. And mum was just in a good mood...I don't know exactly why.

We have a family history of personifying our stuffed animals, be it the cutest, well-worn skunk hand puppet you've ever seen that we would play act with, the stuffed dogs I used to name and set up "kingdoms" for, or the thrice handed down puppy my mum was currently holding. You could also say we just have a family history of insanity. It all boils down to the same thing, really. Fun.

To my great happiness later, rain it did. More like thrash, bash and pour. But what do I care? It's RAIN!! Michael, as soon as he saw the sky, said, "We're going to dance in the rain today!" Sarah and I laughed as we looked up from our books. We were sitting in lawn chairs in the back yard, watching Michael play with the family Godzilla toy--Michael's most recent obsession. Since watching one of the old dubbed jap Godzilla movies from the 60's with dad a couple of days ago, He won't stop talking about it, wanting to watch more Godzilla movies, or playing with his big Godzilla, rarely letting it out of his sight. He's found ways to play with that thing that deal with Veggie Tales characters, PVC piping, Miniature planes, and the Larry Mobile flying solo. I'm just waiting for the dress-up stage of his obsession. *laugh*

Memories such as these are what help keep me going and happy when I'm unable to leave the house. Knowing that Michael will want to play Godzilla with me, or sing songs and play air guitar, dance in the rain, his dimples standing out as he laughs....It all makes me realize that while I have things in my life that may give me cause to just withdraw, I have him to keep me open and active and "out there". Goodness, I love that boy.
I wasn't able to post on here yesterday, but today's simple yet comforting happenings make a good enough post *smile*. I'm just glad I get to share the simple pleasures God has given me. Especially since my Fibro has been acting up the past two days. More pain, more tightness, and more pain killers and muscle relaxers. I'm going to wait a few more days, but the doctor may have to intervene again if I have a major relapse. If I end up sitting in that waiting room this week, all I'll need to think about it a dimpled face and a fire breathing upright dinosaur and I'll be content. Thank God for small miracles.

Be Well!


Merry said...

Rae, your love and contentment is so beautiful. Wow, to be grateful for those sweet, little things.

I miss ya. Now we must get together!

RaeLynn Hitchings said...

Haha Yes. It is quite nice to be able to be so easily content and grateful.

I miss you too. Get together, yes. When? FB me :)


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