Friday, June 11, 2010

Revealing Oneself

Well, here is is. My first blog post, at least in a few years and most certainly on this site.

I had never quite seen the full potential of a blog until this past year, when I encountered a number of them that my friends had started. The insights into who they were, how they were, and how they thought was fascinating. But more so, it was a way to stay accountable, much like journaling.

Now, I have journals all over my room. Expensive ones, and inexpensive ones. Leather ones, and cloth ones. But the most common factor though is that they have blank pages. I like the idea of getting one's thoughts down. But for me, that was often just too much time for too few thoughts.
You see, I never stop thinking. Analyzing. Questioning. BEING. It's who I am. Whenever I come to a conclusion, I respond with "If so, then..." or "Well, why THIS then?". I can't help it. When I lie awake at night, it's not over who was the cutest guy I saw today, or the hottest band on the radio. I think about the cosmos, and how we would NEED wormholes to travel fast enough to do any real exploration beyond our galaxy. I consider the inner workings of serial killers and the seductiveness of the occult vs. the mainstream. I think of a movie or tv episode that brought up a question(s) about humanity, ethics, morality, or interpersonal relationships. Why this? Why that? Why not?
I got used to it, and usually don't bother trying to explain myself. Because while I may ask why more than anything else, that "why" sparks another thought, which jumps to an apparent non-sequitor, which then morphs into something else completely. They all culminate in what pops out of my mouth. Few can follow it, while the likeliest outcome is confusion and whispering about my logic, or lack there of *chuckle*. I don't mind, really. But I do happen to spring things on people that they are not in any way prepared for...a flaw I am trying most desperately to work on.
So, in a very long and complex way, I just said that I think so much that I often don't see the point of writing down a previous thought when I have one just as good or better forming at that moment.
Oh well. If it was good then, it probably had some merit. And that means that it could probably help someone, even if it is only me. So, I have begun writing down my thoughts.

The reason I have picked this blog over my journals is that, while I do think better when I physically write things down, I can reach more people with my thoughts and get FAR more feedback if I do it online.
Thus, "musings of an Avid Thinker" became reality, and you now have the chance to read my long intro into what I hope will be many posts about life, love, loss, and anything and everything under the sun.
I look forward to hearing from you all, and hopefully finding some amusing or enlightening thoughts and stories to tell you.
Until next time.

Be well.
Rae *smile*


Mikaela said...

Do I actually have the honor of being the first commenter on this promising new blog? Perhaps you just haven't gotten them published yet, and I am really tenth in line to congratulate you on a gorgeous blog with a promising future!
With all the thinking that goes on in your head (and I was under the impression I though a lot!), it is obligatory that you record your thoughts! There will be so much lost if you don't!
Thanks for your dear comment on my blog, and the honor you give Lauren and I by following and linking to us in the sidebar. We do not take any of it lightly!

RaeLynn Hitchings said...

Well, thank you very much! I just set it up yesterday, so I'm just trying to get everything in order. But if things go as planned, I will be posting something every day.

And I'm quite sure you think a lot *chuckle* Believe it or not, I CAN shut my brain off...although my dreams can sometimes be too down to earth for my liking haha.
Linking to you guys is just my nod of recognition for well presented thoughts. I was just as happy to find your blog as you were to realize I was reading *smile*

Again, thank you! I look forward to reading AND writing more.

Be well!

carlinuxlearner said...

haha! Love the picture. =D

Rae Hitchings said...

haha Thank you :) I thought it was appropriate to my dilemma at the time *laughing*

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