Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Memories

Today is going to be a less reflective and more "blow by blow". But I have to say this to start off with: Today was one of the nicest days I've had in months. My dad and I didn't fight. Our family laughed and played and had a great time together with very little upsets. We went to church, me driving my car ("The Count" of Monte Cristo), who is just back from the body shop after that crash I was in. I had a very convicting time at church.(Here's a link to today's message. It's not really long, and I think you'd enjoy it and find something inspiring!! Eagle Creek Community Church FD Message)  Our worship band rocks!....literally. My dad's half-moon electric guitar (imported from japan no less, and only made in the mid 70's) looked great, and sounded even better! I got to see friends that I had missed last week because I was too sick/tired to go. I feel so loved when they give me those looks of joy at having me there. *heart melting* I love them so very much!

Then, I took Michael home while the rest of the family set up for our VBS that we're hosting this week. The theme: New Orleans Bayeux! *big grin* I love it, as a big part of my extended family lives down there. Well, as I said, I took Michael home, stopping at Wendy's to get him his favorite: a hamburger and fries, and took him for the first time into Cold Stone Creamery to pick out some ice cream like all the other little kids there. He's allergic to eggs, milk, and nuts, which usually excludes him from alot of the fun treats his friends enjoy. But Cold Stone's Pink Lemonade Sorbet is dairy-free, and something Michael enjoys alot!! He had his first time picking the ice cream he wanted and seeing them serve him like everyone else. He was ecstatic, and I was just as excited because I was the one to share the experience with him.
Then, juggling the ice creams, the food, his diaper bag, my purse, my keys, my bible, and HIM, I managed to make it home and into the house. Michael's picnic movie choice? Can you guess? Right. :) Godzilla. So, we started a MechaGodzilla movie while he ate his first bowl of tasty ice cream. Great memories! Well, all except the fact that he dripped the sorbet from the bottom of his spoon all over the floor, his hands, and his pants and legs. *rolls eyes* Kids.

After that, the exhaustion of this past week hit me like a truck. I could barely move. When I sat down, it took all my willpower to shift my leg, or to move my hand to grab something. I watched a math video for basic review of algebraic principles (for the SAT), then took a nap. It was not long lived.

My dad wanted to go to The Cheesecake Factory in Castleton for Father's Day. If I hadn't been (and still am!) so tired, I would have been thrilled. But seeing Dad open his gifts, and Michael wish us all a happy Father's Day, AND Michael's Day *laughing hard*, claiming all of dad's presents for himself, put me in a much better mood. I was non-combative, and easygoing, so I didn't cause any strife. I think God's actually fixing me! (Your prayers are helping and being answered!) We watched Michael during the wait, then sat down to a very tasty supper. Michael became fast friends with our waitress, Sarah. She learned all our names, made a special plate of french bread and bananas (arranged nicely I might add!), going the extra mile after  hearing about Michael's allergies. Then, she gave him some paper from her notebook to draw on. He drew her a picture, and she grinned at him. "I'm keeping this in my pad forever!" she said, tucking it away so that she could see it next to her ordering sheet. Then, Michael took to spying on everyone in the restaurant, pressing his face up to the glass behind our booth, and standing up to scan the crowd. We received quite a few smiles and pointing fingers because of it.
Everyone seems to love Michael. And, I have to agree with them. He's pretty awesome.

Then, Guess what? We took our desserts home, and popped in a Godzilla to watch with the family *laugh*. Michael was thrilled. I was too tired to stay there for long, but it was nice. No one was on their computers. We were smiling and laughing and eating, and Michael was making the rounds of the room, commenting on things and giving up lots of hugs and kisses.
It was the nicest Father's Day in years.
Thank you God!
And I hope yours went just as smoothly, and was enjoyable and memorable!

Be Well!


Andrew said...

Glad today worked out ok for you. Tell your Dad I said "hi" and Matt that he shouldn't hate swim team, he just will anyway so why make the effort of hating it?

On a side note, what exactly is your new doctor doing to treat your fibermyalgia? Merely curious.


RaeLynn Hitchings said...

Oh, Matt's working on it. He's getting better too! His favorite stroke is backstroke. :) I never liked that stroke because I couldn't see what was behind me *sigh*

My doctor has me on a pill regimen of both prescriptions and supplements, to help my body "fix itself" right now we are working on de-toxyfying my blood by getting my hormone stimulation of my kidneys up to par so that my blood can release more of the calcium and magnesium that is currently building up.

Ummm, there's some other stuff as well. Lots of areas need work. I need to recover from my acidosis and hypoadrenalism, and so on and so forth. It'll be a bit. *shrug*

thisamericantourist said...

Sounds like you had a fun and fulfilling Father's Day - if only we could all be so lucky!

RaeLynn Hitchings said...

Was yours not?

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