Friday, July 30, 2010

Musings About Names or The Absurdity of it All

Hello my Muslings!
I was looking through a number of facebook notes and saw that friends and friends of friends had written posts a few months ago about what Urban Dictionary said about their name. Now, if you're like me, you generally only go there if you want/need to know the definition of a word your parents won't explain to you, or to understand what that particular insult really meant. =/
I'm sorry, but if I need other definitions, I go to or an online encyclopaedia. Not Urban Dictionary. Still. I went on and read through the second page of submitted definitions of those named "Rachel". Some I will not even mention. Some are untrue in my case. But others were slightly interesting, as parts matched up with what I thought about myself and/or what other people have told me.So, for our equal entertainment, I pasted some of the definitions below.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Music is the Language of God

As the rain poured down my face, my clothes soaked, my face turned upward, and my hands moved with the melody sounding in my head. The swish of the saw grass as the drops pushed the leaves against each other. The trees shaking with the wind. The thunder echoing through the sky. It all formed notes, formed sounds, formed melodies. Soon I was humming a complex piece, composing parts for cello, first and second violin, bass, piano...the notes swelled, their crescendos and decrescendos in time with the groaning of the trees.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Updates and Confessions

I've tried not to stay up this late for the past week. But as I am slowly gaining my faculties back from my withdrawal due to medication restrictions (boooo, doctor!), I have found myself staying awake again at night due to pain. The thing is, it has given me more time to think, to pray, to stare at my walls and process life's curve balls. It's given me a greater appreciation for late nights, where I can be at least internally productive, instead of zombied by medications, yet still unable to sleep. My doctor would be unhappy with me tonight though, as different parts of the body heal and get rejuvenated from 12:00am until about 6:00 am. I'm creeping up on nullifying at least half of tonight's "healing processes". Thankfully, my doctor does not read my blog *chuckle*.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ever Had One of Those Days?

If you've ever had "One of Those Days", you'll know that they can be both horrendous and marvelous in intervals, or at the same time.
Mine was a bit of both.
Now, since Tuesday, when my doctor told me to cut back on three prescription meds I have for pain, I have been in withdrawal. My therapist said "Ok...if you feel crazy, as if you can't think straight, can't stop your thoughts from spinning out of control, or feel highly irritable, that's to be expected." So, instead of 3 to 4 of each pill a day I used to take, I now take only one of each right before I go to bed. Hello Pain and Little Miss Nutso; Goodbye Calm and Mental Shutdown.
Boom Baby.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Physicality of Writing

In this world of computers, of word processors, of recorders, we don't often get the chance or the encouragement to just write. To put pen or pencil to paper for anything other than art. To grab a book off the shelf not because it is full of words, but because it is empty, waiting for you to fill it. But to me, that simple act of writing your thoughts down, watching as the curve of the 'A' moves to the curl of the 'S', and the sharp lines of the 'K' is an amazing process. Yes. I just spelled ASK. Why? Because that is often what one does with and when writing. You pen your thoughts, asking yourself what you should put and what you should leave out. Why you acted so, or Why you chose not to act at all.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Awakenings and Prayers

It's high time I sat down and wrote a proper blog post for you all. It may not be that long, due to the time, as my clock just shifted from 2:31 to 2:32 am. But, as I am awake, I write. There are so many things I want to write about. So many updates I could give. So many stories I could tell. But I feel led to write only on the three following topics: Prayer, the Awakening, and the Wonderful Miss McKenna.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Conversations, Word Processors, and Writing, featuring "The River of Life"

Hello Readers!
It's been a couple of days since I last posted, and I thought it was high time that something new was up on "Musings". But right now, I am too tired to write anything. Tomorrow maybe *chuckle* So, I will post something I wrote, and then posted on FB. Not all of you have read it. And for those of you who have, I apologize for the repetition. But let it be known that I was looking through a bunch of the things that I have written, and I kept being led back to this. So, obviously there's something in here that I need to have posted.
So I post.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Perception: Optimism? Pessimism? Realism? No. Hope!

Do you ever get the feeling that somebody is watching you? That they're analyzing your every move, your every smile, your every thought?
That they memorize where you live, and where you walk, and what you do?
That they think about you and what they're going to do with you the next time they cross paths with you?
Does it frighten you?
Does the thought that all those feelings culminate in a real person make your spine tingle?
Because it's all true.
Because I'm the one that's watching.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Freedom of Inquiry and Expression: The paper that opened doors

 In the fall of 2008, I was enrolled in my first college class, Honors English, at IUPUI. It was a wonderful learning experience, and one in which I had the chance to expand my writing abilities beyond simply penning a thought. It allowed me to examine many views of one topic, and then make a rational decision based on the information at hand. When asked to write a paper on a topic of our choice dealing with a debateable issue, I jumped to the topic of Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Evolution. Nice way to introduce yourself as a writer in a college atmosphere, huh?

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

Hello everyone!
It seems that I have been posting every-other day, so I may make that my norm. We shall see. This post will be less like the telling of a story, and more about general events. I don't do many of these, but I feel like this post should be structured like that. As you read, you will probably see why.
Now, I have some exciting news!
There are three young women from my church (Eagle Creek Community Church) that will be going to the Central Indiana Awakening, one of the most amazing weekends to grow closer to Christ and hear His voice. Their names are Abby, Lauren, and Faith. Please pray that they would come into this weekend with an open mind and a ready heart, and that God would impact them during the Awakening. There are two other possible attendees, McKenna and Ellie, and I would be grateful if you would pray that God would open the doors needed for them to go if it is in His will that they do so.
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who Knew Music Boxes Had Such Bite?

NOTE: Much blood is mentioned =D Do not read if you have an aversion to blood....or to big boo-boos. *grin* 

I was late. The clock shifted from 12:31 to 12:32. I didn't want to be late. I hated being late. I left my flip flops at the bottom of the stairs and ran up to my room. I quickly opened my door and half jumped, half skipped my way over to my desk to grab my keys.
I sucked in my breath, scrunched my nose and said "mushrooms!", my most common "swear" word. (Think Spy Kids). I began hopping at this point, curling my toes up. I had stepped on something. I looked down, and there was my bronze colored metal music box, on the floor of all places.
"Drat, drat drat drat!" I muttered, glaring. I snagged my keys and limped out of my room. That was all I needed. A few bruised toes. Ugh.
I felt something warm dripping off my foot. Looking down, I saw the red stream coating my toes and now dripping quite rapidly onto the carpet. This time I really swore.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bats, Birds and Busy Little Bees

2:14 am, Monday night. The soft red glow of the numbers reminded me of how late it is. Sighing, I slowly swung my legs over the side of my bed and picked my away across the cluttered floor towards the door. I was going out. Managing to remember my phone to light my way down the stairs, I quietly walked across the hardwood floors of the library and the kitchen. Pushing the sliding door open, I took a deep breath. Most of the heat had left, as had the humidity. Even the wind had died down, leaving an almost desolate feel to the unusually calm evening. The grass was wet as I wound my way to the trampoline. I climbed onto it and laid down on the damp black expanse, staring at the sky. Orion was just visible above me, and an occasional plane flew by, it's lights blinking yellow and red.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Firecrackers, Tea and Loneliness

As I write this, the light from my bedside lamp is shining down on my computer, the fan is causing my hair to wave slightly, and my hands are shaking slightly from the all too keen sensation of pain.

Yesterday was the 4th of July. A time of celebration. A time of rejoicing in both the freedoms that our founding fathers fought for, and the freedom we have in Christ!
But yesterday was also the worst day in my gradual downward spiral of health (next to today that is) that started nearly two weeks ago. Of all the days that I had to be up and going for more than 15 hours, the 4th was that day. Great worship, a wonderful sermon, and a sweet lunch with my family. That was great. The party was nice, but of all my girlfriends, only Liz Kane was there. And...she had her beau with her, so I felt at times like the third wheel.
That would normally not be a problem, but, you see, for once, I felt lonely. And needy. I wanted someone there for me, and I didn't really have my girlfriends there to lean on.
Then, I started feeling so sick and physically unstable that I couldn't make it to the fireworks. That night was the first time in my whole life that I've missed them.
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Friday, July 2, 2010

Hear the Sound of Hope: A short story

So, some of you have asked what it was like for me to endure my pain, and this long road from beginning to present. This short story skips over many things, and just touches others. But I think it will at least give you an idea of the emotions I have felt in my journey, and where I am right now.
I'd love read your comments on it!

Hear the Sound of Hope
By Rachel Hitchings 

She jumps up from her chair, running to grab her baby brother in her loving arms, swinging him in a circle and ending with a giant bear hug. He giggles happily, patting her on the back and whispering “Rae-Rae….Rae-Rae”. His dimples make her sigh in contentment. She was loved. A few hours later, she is in the car with her mum, driving along, when it happens again…her heart starts to beat oddly. A little too fast. She gently rubs her chest. It’s nothing. She smiles at her mum and continues their conversation
It keeps happening. She gets out of bed and has to rest her hand on her bed post. Dizziness overcomes her. She feels her pulse and it’s too fast. She stands up. She sits down. She does nothing. It keeps happening. This isn’t right.

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