Monday, July 19, 2010

Awakenings and Prayers

It's high time I sat down and wrote a proper blog post for you all. It may not be that long, due to the time, as my clock just shifted from 2:31 to 2:32 am. But, as I am awake, I write. There are so many things I want to write about. So many updates I could give. So many stories I could tell. But I feel led to write only on the three following topics: Prayer, the Awakening, and the Wonderful Miss McKenna.

Now, I have some good news for you all!!!
McKenna Glorioso (Blog) is going to the Awakening!!! I am so happy I cannot contain it! As I told her in my email reply to her "yes", I squeaked. Somewhat unusual for me. It's sometimes hard to make me that happy. But squeak I a rodent *chuckle*. I was happy for a couple reasons.

One, I have grown to love McKenna. Knowing that she has the opportunity to attend the Awakening, well, it gives me no end of pleasure just to contemplate it! I can't wait until I am actually in the middle of it, and then able to discuss it with her afterwords! And two, that all the pieces fell into place perfectly to reveal a picture filled with God's handiwork. It was partly due to me, partly McKenna, but mostly Jaymie Bailey, who is one heck of a woman. *grin*
Jaymie is my good friend, accountability group leader, and the past head of the Central Indiana Awakening, made sure that I could get in her registration forms late. My mum said she had no problem with our family covering the costs of attendance. Now all we need are prayer warriors - YOU.

The Bible talks about how the Devil will try to ensnare us, especially when God is trying to do a good work in us. I have been given great joy from the Awakening, knowing how it affected me, the other in my group, and all the others before and after us. God does amazing things when we let him, and the Devil wants nothing less than the complete destruction of the bridges God is building between us and him. Satan works his hardest to knock out those support beams holding up the pieces of the bridge that are new or still under construction.
So I ask you to please pray that the Devil is kept at bay. Below is a prayer I wrote....something that was laid upon my heart today, and something that I hope will symbolize a new step forward in my Christian walk.

It reads:
Lord, Almighty heavenly Father. Thank you. Thank you for the Awakening. Thank you for Jaymie. thank you for enabling each piece of the puzzle to fit into place. I want to especially thank you for McKenna, and I pray that you would fill her, renew her, show her how loved she is, and help her grow to become even more like you.
I pray that the volunteers and workers, who are making this Awakening happen, would be strong in their faith. That they would be good examples for all the girls attending, sure of footing on the straight and narrow, and gracious of tongue so that Your words of wisdom, peace, hope, and salvation will be spoken to the very core of every person listening.
I pray the You do mighty things in every one of those young women and their lives. I pray that the devil is kept at bay, and made to watch as these girls turn around and see Christ, who has been following them, ready to take them into His arms, ready to hold their hands as He walks beside them every step of the way. I pray they take a hold of that hand, and feel the strength and peace that can come from only one source--you.

Lord, I ask that your will be done in everything...that man's plans and man's hopes and man's dreams, however noble and right they be, would not interfere with what you have planned for every person on this retreat.
I thank you so very much for your provision--giving them strong Christian leaders to instruct; a church large enough and generous enough to open up their facilities to strangers; funds to enable all the purchases to be made, and especially making it possible for every one of these girls to attend.
Let earth be as heaven, your people obeying and reaching the masses with your Word.
Let your people praise you and bring you glory in everything they do.
Let your everlasting love rain down on them, and bless them beyond measure.
This I pray.

* * * *

I'm not going to say Amen yet.
Instead, I am going to pray this prayer every day, when I first wake up, and before I turn off the last light. I am going to start out my further growth in Christ as a prayer warrior myself, with the task of praying for all these things and more.
Because prayer WORKS. God says "Knock and the door shall be opened unto you". Why would a door open if one was not seeking entry? Why would a doctor treat a patient who never sought his help? Prayer is the Christian's direct line of communication with the ultimate power, our Creator God; our loving, kind and merciful savior, Jesus Christ.
His death made it possible for even the sinner to pray to God, and for God to hear his words.
Why, if this is such a a powerful gift, do we not utilize it more?
I believe that it is because prayer is not emphasized enough these days as something accessible and powerful and necessary. Our leaders don't explain to us as often as we need them to, that arrow prayers are like text messages. Short, 5 to 10 minute prayers are like phone calls, and longer, in depth prayers are like a deep conversation with our best friend. It is a place of ultimate safety, of unending love. Of divine power.

So, I will fervently pray for the awakening these next couple weeks, at least twice a day.
My question to you is, what are you going to pray for?

But remember. As much as you ask for the Lord to give or to do, give in kind. Praise His name. Thank Him for his works in and around us. Show your gratefulness at the priceless gift of life He has given each and every one of us. Thank Him for all that he has blessed you with in your life. Thank Him. For He is God.

I have just recently started a prayer journal, where I will write down lists of people and their needs, their desires, and their own specific prayer requests.
You can post below, or send me an email, but please don't hesitate to ask or to name someone or something that I can pray about for you. I feel called to pray, more than I ever have before. Being bedridden or immobile for long periods of time, I often have plenty of time on my hands. Sometimes I don't even have enough energy or pain tolerance to sit at a computer and type. But I can pray to the Lord just as easily lying down as I can sitting up.

So again, I ask you. What will you pray for? For God will do wondrous things, things you may never even have knowledge of in this life, all because you knelt before His throne and asked. All because you stood at the door and knocked until He opened it wide.

That said, I think I will end here. While this post was more in depth than a few of my more recent posts, it is, again, different. But then you already know how much I like change. And remember...give Praise, give Thanks, give Requests, give Respect, BE LOVE.

Be Well & Be Praying!
In Christ,

"But still my cup is overflowing with 
happiness and joy...
I am faith and hope
I know 'cause I am known
You are life and love
You are and so I am
You are and so I am
Undeserving but forgiven
I was hopeless but now I'm living
I was lost until you found me
I am free because you saved me!!
I am faith and hope
I know 'cause I am known
You are life and love
You are and so I am
I am grace and truth
I am all things in you
You are life and love
You are and so I am"
'And So I Am' by Erin O'Donnell 


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