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Conversations, Word Processors, and Writing, featuring "The River of Life"

Hello Readers!
It's been a couple of days since I last posted, and I thought it was high time that something new was up on "Musings". But right now, I am too tired to write anything. Tomorrow maybe *chuckle* So, I will post something I wrote, and then posted on FB. Not all of you have read it. And for those of you who have, I apologize for the repetition. But let it be known that I was looking through a bunch of the things that I have written, and I kept being led back to this. So, obviously there's something in here that I need to have posted.
So I post.

Now, firstly, I wrote this piece based on a conversation I had with a good friend of mine. I thought it was something that all of us needed to hear, me included. You can have all the head knowledge you like. If it's not acted upon in a Godly manner, it is all for naught.
As I said the last time I posted this, let me know what you think! Your opinions are something I love to hear. The more of you that comment, the bigger my smile will be *chuckle*.
*Contemplative* I wonder how many people are actually reading. I've had 200 individual hits this past week, but that could just be a lot of people who check blogger me. :)
Anyway. Read on! I hope that you are in some way blessed or moved to thought by this piece.

The River of Life
A Story in Three Parts: You, God, and the Fast Moving Waters

       Many people think too much. I just want to say, "Just do it, and go with the flow! Don't think too much! You've got the rest of your life to do that!" But that doesn't always get very well received by the Christian community and I often wonder why. Then it hit me. They take it as a plea from my generation to abandon plans, thought out processes, and reflective thinking about the important things in life, such as relationships, jobs, finances, responsibility, and consequences. Bit that's not my point at all! We as Christians tend to OVER think, not taking action because we feel to take the one and only CORRECT course of action. We become guilty of the Sin of Omission, which is not doing the right thing at the right time. We put things off. We say "Later, when I've thought more about this, or done this or that, or gained more "financial security" in my life". But God places events and people in our paths that we need to take advantage of when they appear, instead of waiting till it is often too late, and we can see that opportunity fading into the distance. Instead of resolving to fix what we did wrong, we say "It must not have been time for it!" and move on with the same habits, and often, the same results.
What you need to do is to let life take it's course, and go along with it. Stop trying to keep your boat from going with the tide when you have no anchor. That makes everything harder than it should be, and it never works out very well, because life still happens when you're trying to stand still, thinking while everything and everyone else is "doing".

A way to grasp this concept is to continue with the whole "water, tide, and flow" metaphor. Every part of our universe has its own tides. Moon Cycles, Stars, Planets, Comets. Fish, Birds, Mammals and Reptiles. Relationships. Jobs. Politics. Us. Life.
For humans, Life could be explained as a river, and you (one of many navigating the vast waters) are caught in the flow. The water can often get choppy, or even rocky. But there are also the stretches where the water is calm, gently lapping at your boat, carrying you peacefully around the next bend in life. No matter what, though, you always have to go.You always have to move. The only time you reach the shore is when you die. What you have to decide is whether you're going to truly live, or whether you are just going to think about how to live.

It's built in each of us to be able to adapt to our surroundings. To take each situation as it comes. Thought is good. But think as you go, not think, then go. That often means you move slowly, never reaching your full potential and impacting as many situations as possible for God's glory and your growth. It's a hard balance, but if we think too much, we often get stuck in sandbars, or sucked to the bottom of the river with little to no forward momentum, or air.

Think of Life then as an Epic Adventure, with you as the main character. Each person's life has it's own story. You just need to think of yours as one that has greatness,humanity, and God's guiding force in it.....hence, the Adventure!

Do the heroes in stories, book, and movies just stop, sit next to a lake, and think for hours when there is an appointment to be kept, an adventure to embark upon, or a battle to win? NO! They say, "I'll figure this out as I go." They learn, they fall, they get back up and forge ahead. Those are the people that make history, that make an impact, that influence their world. They are also the people get the beautiful maiden or handsome prince. Who are blessed with a stalwart companion, and a wiser adult to help lead the way. In our own lives, such help comes from wizened, older mentors. They often appear in our lives as a father, mother, pastor, priest, or co-worker and, hopefully, the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

In our lives though, we often come across the stumbling block of awkwardness or embarrassment...where we do something that we remember for the rest of our lives, and that we fear is remembered by those that witnessed our unhappy moment. Awkwardness happens. Embarrassment happens. And we have a tendency as a species to reel backwards from that and try to change what happened, or figure out how to do better, taking a while to do so, and even longer to let the pain or impatience go.
Now, we must always be thoughtful. But with thought should come action. So be constantly learning and thinking, and then as soon as the time comes, ACT. Or at least think very fast and then jump in. You can't wait for roadsigns to tell you that left leads to sadness or ruin, and right leads to happiness and riches. There are no signs to tell us which way turn and where to go. There is no road map for life. There are only guidelines to help ease the journey, and those are written in the pages of the Bible. You must make your own path in this world and in your life, for no one else can make the decision. That's up to you. Even God, the Almighty, All Powerful one, allowed man to have complete control over what he said, did or chose. So we must make the best of our freedom, and apply it wisely to our own lives. Think. Walk. Move. Learn. Be. All at once, yet individually. Other rivers will flow in and out of yours, and those will bring friends, and trials. You can't backpedal, because you're already caught in the middle of the waters. You just have to use your head and heart, whip out your book of guidelines, take a deep breath, and plunge in headfirst, choosing, acting, and being all you can be.

I know you, and I know what you can be. Do you know how? Because I know myself, and I know that it will be a long time yet before I reach, if ever, my greatest potential. All you need is to realize that you have a purpose, and a part to play in the vast, peril fraught world. Once you realize that, the best way to take a running start towards a better future and the attainment of your best is to take just one step forward. You're now on your boat, and it's headed towards the horizon. You won't know what's to come, but you know all you need to: That God is by your side the entire time, guiding you, introducing people, places, and times to help you grow and become who you were meant to be.

Row hard, my brother. Swim fast, my sister.

Your Journey has just begun.


Be well all you fine peoples! My love goes out to you!


Rae Hitchings said...

Most of you posted on FB or emailed me about this one :) I'm glad you guys liked it so much!

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