Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ever Had One of Those Days?

If you've ever had "One of Those Days", you'll know that they can be both horrendous and marvelous in intervals, or at the same time.
Mine was a bit of both.
Now, since Tuesday, when my doctor told me to cut back on three prescription meds I have for pain, I have been in withdrawal. My therapist said "Ok...if you feel crazy, as if you can't think straight, can't stop your thoughts from spinning out of control, or feel highly irritable, that's to be expected." So, instead of 3 to 4 of each pill a day I used to take, I now take only one of each right before I go to bed. Hello Pain and Little Miss Nutso; Goodbye Calm and Mental Shutdown.
Boom Baby.

Ok. So, the start of my day was at 9:00 this morning, after an exhausting day Thursday (which I will talk about in a later post), and an inability to get to sleep until about 3 am or so. "Ladies and Gentleman, we are pulling into Bleary, Groggy central station. Please exit the cars in a haphazard fashion and cease to follow orders." I hit the snooze button a couple of times, then woke up in a tizzy expecting something I had forgotten to hit me. Nope. Just my brain weirding me out for kicks. Then I plod slowly through my morning routine - brushing my teeth, gelling my hair, finding clothes, and then added on a new phase of start up--staring at the door to my room, trying to remember if I put a comma after this one word in a short story excerpt I wrote three days ago.
Yuck it up people.
Neurotic junkie on the loose.
I calm down and then seem to go into "crash" mode, wearily popping some raisin toast in the toaster, and wondering why they seemed to be more thickly sliced that the last bag of bread we bought. I go to get a cup to fill with some water and instead get a coffee mug, put some whey protein in it, and remember that one, the protein goes in the blender with my smoothies, and two, the mug should have been cleaned a bit better before being put away. I then stand for a minute or so until the toast pops up, jerking me from wherever I had flown too in my not-so-together mind. I then look at the clock and realize it's 10:35...I should have left 5 minutes ago. My eyes widen and I rush to find a knife to butter my toast, grabbing a paring knife first, and then reaching for a table knife, a plate to put it on, and my things scattered around the house that I should have been gathering instead of staring at white doors.

I get in the car. 10:38. Crap. I set my food down between the two front seats, strap myself in, and try to grab a CD from an empty CD case. Crapolla. So I put in a different CD, zoom out of the driveway, and get on my merry way to Therapy. 15 minutes later I am sitting in front of the offices, realizing that I probably shouldn't have been driving so darn fast, and thanking God that those two poor souls who the cops pulled over distracted them long enough for me to whiz by.
An hour's therapy later, being told that my mental acuity could be impaired (No, duh!), and to expect weirdness, I was on my way home, this time speeding not as much.
I get home, and find that my mom wants me to watch Michael, who is in a silly mood. Perfect. I smile though, as he gives me a dimpled grin and says "I love you!". Ok. So he gets a couple brownie points. He doesn't care about Doors or whey or paring knives. Lovely.
He wants to watch an old 1960's Japanese King Kong film, with King Kong fighting his evil robot counterpart. Not my first choice of film, but hey. He probably had a better track record that day than I did.
After a wonderful 15 minute Michael snuggle in my chair, I put him down for bed, reading him two books and kissing him goodnight. He calls me back three times, each time saying the same thing "*giggle* I want some cheesecake!".
One, he's allergic, and he knows it. Two, I put it down for bed 20 freakin minutes ago. Brownie points gone.
I tell Sarah to listen for Michael, and I go to try and take a nap. I had things to do in the evening, and I was already whipped. I realize that I should give myself my B12 injection now, because I would nap through the normal time, so I get out the needles, alcohol swaps, and medicine. One stick later, I realize that I nicked a nerve when I pushed the needle in, my whole leg was feeling weird, and the nerves were twinging and feeling hot all the way up to my hip. This was not my day.
I go back to bed, propping my leg up, wincing when I put pressure on that hip, and trying to sleep. If only I could have my pain killers. Ugh.

I wake up at 5:25. I try to find my shoes but can't remember where I put one of my 4 or 5 pairs. Finally scrounging up a pair, I scarf my dinner and head out to a film shoot. My friend Chris Yiesla was filming his movie all day, and had finally moved up to Fishers to film the bar and dance scenes. Great. I could do that.
I start driving. I pass by the turnoff for the Glorioso's house, and almost turn in. For once, autopilot was doing me no good. I correct myself and go straight. Turning left at Allisonville, I drive up, looking for 141st street. How was I to know the sign was well hidden?! I pass 131st. Good. I was almost there. Just keep driving! Just keep driving! (Think Dory in Finding Nemo. Yup. That one.) I hit 146th street.
I turn around, and I see the sign for 141st street just as I drive past it.
I turn around again, and make the turn. YES! Now all I had to do was find the bar. I looked down at my directions, and I had forgotten to put the place's name on it. Instead, I just had the address.
I call up Daniel MacLean and ask him what the name of it was. "Louie's Bar and Restaurant". Great.
Then I realized that I had been directed down the back street of all the businesses. I couldn't see their names.
Thank the Lord I finally made it to the bar. I pull in, and realize that no one's there yet. I was early. Darnit. I could have actually enjoyed my supper. I sigh, turn my music up a bit, and wait for Chris to arrive.
Three and a half hours later I leave, glad I was able to help him out even a little bit by being an extra and helping him set up lighting and angles for the shots, but with a splitting headache.
It's dark by now. The only good part about driving in the dark is seeing beautiful storms. I got to see a lightening storm, 30 or so minutes before it started raining. A stupid median, a stop sign, railroad tracks and three police cars later, I arrive home. Thankfully, I saw the median before I hit it, and was able to move out of its way. Stupid median. I almost miss a stop sign that was hidden by a sagging tree branch. Kudos to me, because I stopped. Once my teeth had settled into place after going over some very bumpy railroad tracks, I came close to Connor Prairie, and saw three cop cars with their lights on. I slow down, wondering what's going on, and don't find out.
Right. I could curb my curiosity.
Grrrrrrr. Maybe not. *sigh*
I turn on my music again, and finally almost forget about the cop cars. Curiousor and curiouser. I shake my head and glance up at the sky lighting up above me. That distracted me long enough to get safely home. One failed attempt to open the garage doors later, I am home...hungry, tired, in pain, and yet somehow still in a good mood. 0_o.
I fix myself some chicken, grab some yogurt and blueberries, and sit down to another quick dinner, just wanting to get to bed. Matthew corners me, and tells me a few anti-jokes (don't ask), and then two very long "jokes" that ended with me swearing, banging my head on the table and groaning. Matthew just cracked up and my mom patted me sympathetically on the shoulder. "He did that to me too. I know how you feel!"
I head off to bed, Matthew still occasionally breaking out into stifled chuckles. Grinning slightly and wincing even more, I crawl into bed, kick off my shoes, get comfortable, and.....realize I needed to go to the bathroom, take my medicine, and deal with some clothing.
As quickly as my aching body could stand, I dealt with the clothes, the bathroom, and the pills. And now, here I am, hoping against hope that my pain killers work now that I'm able to take them, and thinking that today was just not my day.
Do you agree?
Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
And that Michael doesn't ask for any cheesecake.

Praying you all had a better day than I did,


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