Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who Knew Music Boxes Had Such Bite?

NOTE: Much blood is mentioned =D Do not read if you have an aversion to blood....or to big boo-boos. *grin* 

I was late. The clock shifted from 12:31 to 12:32. I didn't want to be late. I hated being late. I left my flip flops at the bottom of the stairs and ran up to my room. I quickly opened my door and half jumped, half skipped my way over to my desk to grab my keys.
I sucked in my breath, scrunched my nose and said "mushrooms!", my most common "swear" word. (Think Spy Kids). I began hopping at this point, curling my toes up. I had stepped on something. I looked down, and there was my bronze colored metal music box, on the floor of all places.
"Drat, drat drat drat!" I muttered, glaring. I snagged my keys and limped out of my room. That was all I needed. A few bruised toes. Ugh.
I felt something warm dripping off my foot. Looking down, I saw the red stream coating my toes and now dripping quite rapidly onto the carpet. This time I really swore.

I wiped as much blood away as I could, grabbing an old shirt to try and keep the blood from dripping further on the carpet.
Despite my efforts, my path into the bathroom was marked by many bright red pools. Putting the toilet cover down, I sat and examined the bottom of my toes. As I did, the sliced skin pulled apart enough for me to see tell-tale signs of white.
I winced. Great. Now I had a cut to the bone. That was all I needed at that moment. I quickly wiped the blood away again, but in the interval between putting the wet washcloth down and grabbing a band-aid, the cut began gushing again. Washcloth utilized once more, I quickly put on the band-aid.
"There" I sighed, looking at the time.
I looked back at the cut. It was right across the main vein to my middle toe. No wonder is was bleeding so profusely.
I tried to walk quickly, favoring my right foot, going for my converse. I had to protect my toe. But I didn't get very far. The band-aid was already loose from the blood still leaking from the wound. I sighed and had to go sit back down, clean it with hydrogen peroxide (many pretty foaming bubbles!...*cringe*), use steri-strips to close together the two sides of the wound, and then rigorously tape a gauze wrap around it. Now, with all the attention drawn to my middle toe, it looked like I was flipping people off with my foot. That though made me smile a bit.
I was definitely going to be late. I grab the nearest pair of converse and pull them on, have hobbling, half sliding down the stairs. I whisk my purse off the end of the banister and make to the kitchen out of breath. I shout a hurried "Bye!" to my mum, dad and little brother, who were in the kitchen. Just as I was about to open the door to the garage I remembered I had forgotten my keys in the bathroom. Drat, drat, drat, drat, drat, drat! I dropped my arm full of stuff and ran, limping, back up to the bathroom. I could already tell that the gauze was soaking up a lot of blood. I would have to change it soon. So I grab all the medical supplies to change the wrap, AND my keys, and hurry back down. I mutter "Man. Of all the days to cut myself"
"What?" my mum asks, looking at me, her brow furrowed.
"Oh. I cut my toe to the bone....Oh! And I'll clean up the blood on the carpet when I get back!"
My mum's expression quickly shifted from worried to appalled.
"How did you cut it?!"
"Umm, unintentionally!" I yell back, grinning a bit at the thought of my non-answer.
"Bye! Be back in a bit!" I call, and, arms full again, I hobble to my car, start it, open the windows to let out the stiflingly hot air, and start driving.
The thing is, my right foot was needed to operate the gas and the brake. Ouch.
So, speeding quite quickly along the highway and interstate (definitely more than 10 over!), I made it to therapy. I was only 5 minutes late, and I had left 17 minutes after I normally leave.
Trish, my therapist, head in hand, just said "Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. I didn't need to know that part!" and then she laughed.
I laughed right along, my injured foot cautiously placed at an angle.
I changed the bandage after our session together, pulling off one piece of bloodied gauze after another. Thankfully the majority of the bleeding had stopped by now.
Freshly bandaged, I left the office, calling a happy goodbye to the receptionist, and making it to my car.

As you have probably guessed by now, I don't take many physical injuries or pains to heart. I deal with them, and then get on with my day. It's a great way to live one's life, but it frustrates the heck out of everyone else. *laugh*
I had to change the bandage again by the time I got home, as using my foot on the pedals reopened the wound. My sister just wrinkled her nose and said "Gross." Matt just took an uncaring glance at my foot, said "Whatever" and walked out. And little Michael never knew what happened, as even the thought of blood makes him cry, or swear that he, as Ironman, will take an ambulance and capture all the bad guys and things that made me bleed, and keep me safe. A nice sentiment, but quite impractical.

And there is my adventure for Wednesday. Lovely huh? My toe feels much better today, and has hardly bled at all. It's a good thing I heal fast!
For the rest of the day, I will be continuing my study in Ezekiel. (Chapter 2, here I come! *waives a pen warningly* I shall conquer thee!), doing a bit of cleaning (maybe) in my room....especially with blood stains. And then then Ellie and Mckenna Glorioso are coming over this evening to talk and drink smoothies. This last thought constantly makes me smile. They are pretty awesome, as anyone who has met them will attest to. =D
And they are taking time out of their day to see me. I feel like the Queen of England...wait. No. I feel like the maid who's receiving a visit from the Queen of England....Wait. No. I'm just happy I have such cool friends. *shrug* In any scenario, fun and smiles and laughs are to be had.
Smoothie away!

Be well, all you readers. And watch out for those sneaky metal music boxes. They do have more bite than bark!


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