Sunday, August 8, 2010

Country Living...and Bobcats

Hello my people!
I have some good and bad news.
Firstly, I will be spending some time in the country this week, enjoying my grandmother's pastures and the surrounding woods, streams, rivers, horses, cats, deer, turkeys, birds, and occasional bobcat. My grandma is the sort that, when she knows a bobcat is after her animals, will have a gun by or under her bed to shoot at the thing from her window. In the dark. Without a target. 0_0 Yes. I come from two lines of military men, strong willed women, and guns. And then there's my other grandmother, who doesn't like Charlton Heston because he was the head of the NRA. (She married into a family of marines and black ops helicopter pilots for heaven's sake!!). Anyway. Rabbit trails.

While on my week, I will be quietly walking through the woods and fields, by streams and rivers, and resting under the giant oak tree in her front yerd, overlooking a hill down to an offshoot of the White River.
We will have late night games of scrabble and gin, visit old friends and family members, take drives around western and central Indiana, and maybe even go to a play at the little theatre in small downtown Crawfordsville. I will write (short stories, book chapters, poems, who knows) and start playing my guitar again (starting from scratch to rebuild muscles and try to help my muscles relax) will be painful, but enjoyable, I expect. I will also start pulling together some materials to tutor people in SAT essay writing. Throw in some Murder She Wrote, Wuthering heights, and some Sinatra and Crosby, and you've got a good idea of what my week will be like.
Also, I should note that author Lew Wallace wrote his famed book Ben Hur while living in Crawfordsville. You should see his house!!
Pretty awesome.
More rabbit trails.
Back to my point. *wrinkles nose while chuckling*

Anyway, the (somewhat) bad part will be that I won't have access to internet at my grandmother's house. I may be able to stop in at a MacDonald's and use their free wi-fi once, but for the majority of the time, I will be going internet free. It will be good. But as such, dear readers, I won't be able to post for you. *sigh* We'll just see if you miss my posts.
To make me feel better, comment on this post if you will miss at least one blog post this week. :) And if there are no comments when I get back, well...first, I'll be slightly irate. Second, I'll have to work harder. Third, it will be an...interesting way to start off my first week of school for the fall semester. *chuckle*

I hope and pray that your week will be as wonderful as I am sure mine will be. Keep up your writing if you have a blog yourself. Keep on praying. Keep on reading. Keep on smiling, for the new day is just around the corner.

Be Well In My Absence!


carlinuxlearner said...

A week without Internet?!?!?!??!? O_o O_o O_o

McKenna Kate said...

Hey! Sorry I haven't really been on the computer at all, so I forgot to comment. I hope that you have had a great week at your Grandma's!

Rae Hitchings said...

So...two people :P haha :) I'll be posting "A week in my life" about this week. It should be fun haha
I'm glad I have at least two people who regularly read my blog *grin*

Merry said...

I think the week at your grandmother's sounds beautiful. :) I hope it's loverly and you enjoy some wholesome, refreshing, invigorating, relaxing, illuminating, inspiring time out in the country!

God be with you, my friend! Especially around the bobcats. ;)

Rae Hitchings said...

:) Thank you Merry! =D It was lovely!

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