Friday, August 27, 2010

Early Morning Doctor Runs

Well, I had to reset my stats on Stat Counter today. :)
It's too selective on individual visits, and doesn't give country information, like Blogger stats does (check it out in "draft version" blogger!)
But I have to share some stats with you. Over the past month I had 194 visits, counting the 25 yesterday, and the 10 since midnight last night.
It's absolutely amazing that God is using me to reach so many people with what I have to say! Maybe my post about helping other and being kind to those around us really did get a bunch of readers after all!
Anyway, I just thought I'd post something about that...because I was a bit proud of my counter creeping up to 500 (the log limit for a non upgraded account. I am not spending my money on that right now! =P). It was at 499 this morning! Anyway, I thought that was cool :)
And to all you hundreds of readers throughout the United States and Canada, Italy, Denmark, Bulgaria, China, Latvia, German, Malaysia, Ireland, Pakistan and the Philippines, Thank you. I do so appreciate your readership! :)

Ok. So, about my day.
Right now I'm going to take a shower, and try to stay conscious and mobile, as I have to go to my doctor's in an hour and have all my blood and fluid tests. It's really weird trying to take saliva samples *makes "eww" face* But For once, I had no trouble doing so this morning :P

Oh. And my mum has to drive me. The one time I had to drive myself to the doctor's after my fasting period was the time I almost lost control of the wheel and passed out >_< So she's coming with me. She's also going to ask the docs to do one to two more blood tests on me to see if my Vitamin K and D levels are within normal range....we're suspecting not (on TOP of everything else. GAH!!!!) So that will make it 4 to 5 blood tests....which will mean 4 to 5 vials of blood. I dearly hope they get that much......

Anyway. I'm not feeling so hot right now, but once I get something in my stomach in the car on the way home, and actually rest and stuff without harming my body (i.e. drinking water and b vitamin fortified gatorade...the salt and electrolyte combo really help my bp), then my trip to therapy and swing dancing should be good :)

I'll say a prayer for all of you, my peoples! :)
God is faithful, and He will answer them!
Do you have a specific prayer request?
If so, feel free to email me on my "contact me" page to the right, or by FB, Twitter or email.
I would be very happy to pray for you, and to talk with you.

Be Well!


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