Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eating, Dancing and Making....Visits

Fountain Square Marquee in 2008.
Hello my Muselings!
I have another update for you all :)
First, let's start out with the bad news.

Yesterday I ate maybe 400 calories....if that. Since Monday, the nausea has kept me from eating much of anything. I missed breakfast because of my fast for the blood draws, tried some lunch (I felt so sick for hours afterwords) and couldn't eat dinner yesterday.
This morning, when trying to eat at least a little something, two bites made me feel terrible. *sigh* It turns out that most of those 4 pounds I lost since I last saw the doctor were from the first part of this week alone....about a pound a day *cringe* Which is not really good. My health teacher would be unhappy with the situation  <_<  Sooo, she's not going to know haha

Now I guess I'm stuck with just drinking lots of fluids for now. Thank the Lord for V8 and whey protein gatorade XD....I'll just have to see if they do the same thing to my stomach as food.

I went "swing dancing" at Fountain Square last night, the quotation marks meaning I didn't dance at all, but merely watched. I hung out with Ellie Glorioso again. I guess this really has been our week! =P
I also met a number of her friends, and I am happy to say that I love them. They are amazing. I also was able to tell Ellie that I have old family friends who live right between Taylor and IWU, in Gas City, where the hubby is the head of the tech department at Taylor, and the wifey is the head of the Chemistry department at IWU. They've opened up their house to me to come anytime, and that makes it much easier to head up and see Ellie, her friends, and the Harry sisters (Bethany and Sara) at IWU. I can then also visit Stephen Sherrill, Chelsea Mecaskey, and David Pfiefer at Taylor!
It's going to be AMAZING.

The couple's names are Juanita and TJ Higley. They went to the same church as my mum and dad when were all lived in Michigan. Dad and TJ were best friends, recorded humorous songs together (I'll have to post one sometime), and played in the worship band. When TJ and Nita come over to our house, the guitars are always brought out and their music fills the house for hours sometimes. ^_^ It's nice!
Nita is so sweet. She doesn't have any kids of her own, yet she is the best mother! Wow! She's also my mum's best friend. Since they both majored in Chemistry and worked at Dow Chemical together, they definitely have some common history and interests :P
Nita is also a mother and friend to me, writing me notes, giving me giant hugs, and having me curl up next to her on the couch while she strokes my hair when they visit.
I love them to no end!
So the prospect of friends I love and miss, and spending time with Nita and TJ, makes me smile so enormously that I have to check myself in the mirror to make sure I don't look like a creeper *laughing*

On another note, the help head a church for college students in Gas City, so they have a number of Taylor and IWU students. It'll be fun to see what comes of that and whether my friends find it suitable for their church home ^_^ But even if they don't, the Higleys open up their house to students, invite them over for dinner, check up on them in their dorms, and set lunch dates, all so they can be a support and a rock for them during school. They truly are a blessing to all they encounter!

All this to say that while I can't eat, I'm still very happy and excited about what God is doing in my life and in the lives of others. He is opening doors that I would never have known were there, had I or others taken things into our own hands.

Thank You Lord!
I'm praying you all have a wonderful Saturday, and that your visits with friends and family (Ellie *nudge-nudge*), your time doing homework for monday, your time just chilling, in some way glorifies God.
Remember. If you give it all over to Him, He will bless you.
Now that's what I call an amazing study buddy!

Be Well!


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