Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Week In My Life: The Country Herald

My People!!! I'm back!
Today I've got a treat for you. While I was in the country last week, I kept a journal of each days happenings. So, for the next few days, I will be posting a new "day" in my vacation on here. I hope you enjoy it *grin*
Below is the first of what will be many daily posts. They include my bible study thoughts, a verse of the day, a prayer for that day, and the day's happenings. Read on!


The Country Herald: My “Adventures” in Crawfordsville, Indiana

August 8th, 2010 –Sunday

Muselings! I’ve missed you! (Yes, already! And yes, I REALLY missed "typing" to you all, even though you almost never talk to me in return *grin* I "sense" a connection...or maybe I just want there to be one *shrug* anyway. I reiterate: I've missed you!)

I just finished my first day at my grandmother’s, although barely 3 ½ hours have passed, and it’s 10:30 pm here. =D
As I predicted, there would be talking, eating, beautiful scenery, a familiar, homey feeling, and gin rummy.

I. Love. That. Game.


Not because it’s challenging – it isn’t. Not because it’s time consuming – it’s not unless you play to a few hundred points, minimum. Instead, it’s because of all the fun and fond memories I associate with the game. So, after a light dinner of vanilla yogurt, fresh orange tomatoes, a slice of cheese, and some talking on her porch, my grandma and I played to 300 points in Gin. We will continue the game tomorrow to our standard “500 points first is winner” game. I can’t wait *grin*

This week is already going to be amazing, I can tell. So far the only major thing I’ve noticed is that I forgot my razor, snacks and a proper air conditioner :P
See, three of my conditions/illnesses/diseases/callthemwhatyouwill make heat and a humidity a problem. My grandma’s house has both of those in abundance this week. Bloody weather. If I had at least brought a fan to stir the air while I slept, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But with the hundreds of resident tree frogs, cicadas and other creatures of the night making their creaturely night melodies—the walls displaying pictures of rocky landscapes, horses, and cattails by lakes—and the hand carved signs my mother put on her horse’s stalls at state fairs—well, let’s just say I’m feeling slightly “campy”. Not “ha-ha” campy. Tenting, humidifyingly damp camping-campy.
If I didn’t dislike heat in general, or have 3 majorly good reasons to remove myself from its very mention, then this wouldn’t be a problem. But sadly, that’s not the case today.
I shall sleep in the bare minimum, clothing wise—enough to be “decent” by standard female family company—and sweat my way through the nights.
Let’s just pray that sleep can come!

I must confess to you all now, too, that I did not start my day off today with my Quiet Time, prayer, and Bible study. I just got up, took a shower, dropped a trapped chipmunk (1 down, many more to go!) off at West Part, and drove my sister, mum, and littlest brother to church.
But the sermon was excellent today! I will have to devise a post specifically for that! =D
It was about our church movement’s (Great Commission Church’s) Core Value #1 – The Grace of God.
Some highlights from the sermon were:
  • Grace: It is defined as “unmerited favor”; “God’s givingness/generosity (one of His characteristics)”; and most poignantly—“God’s riches at Christ’s expense. Free to us, but not cheap."
  •  Grace is a uniquely Christian term in the above sense, although other cultures have a man-to-man grace, usually based on earthly favor, and definitely not on ultimate sacrifice.
  • Grace lets us live beyond ourselves
  •  Grace is for today – it cannot be stored up, and we can only use it “today”, because when tomorrow comes, it will again be…that’s right! Today. It’s only given on a day to day basis to handle our day to day lives.
  • Grace lifts us to a higher standard – it always results in stronger character, not an “I can do anything and be forgiven” attitude, if truly understood. It teaches us to say “No” to the world.
  • Grace lets us overcome failure 
    • Our failures – God’s grace to us
    • Our fellow Christian’s and our family’s failures – extending that grace to others
    • Outsider’s/stranger’s/other’s failures – Grace by recognizing people are fallen in a fallen world.
There were also amazing, yet simple points on man’s intrinsic need to “achieve”, “do”, and “deserve” what he is given. It was shown how that can interfere in the true acceptance of God’s grace, i.e. Salvation.
So, after having a day of mulling over that good stuff, and spending the evening with my grandma, I’m going to read a little bit in my bible, listen to the song “J’Y Suis Jamias Allé” from the soundtrack to the French movie Amélie (awesome song!), and then do another day in my James study.
Then, bed.

Goodnight my friends! More Tomorrow!


Verse for today: The Holy Spirit directed me to Joshua 14:12 – “Then Joshua blessed Caleb son of Jephunneh and gave him Hebron as his inheritance”
My lesson? When we do what is right in the eyes of the Lord, He will reward us, often through the acknowledgment, gift, grace, and/or favor of an earthly authority.
Example: God says to give Him the first fruits of your labor (10% of your money BEFORE spending and taxes), and you will be blessed. Crops will flourish, sales will go up, favor will be shown and/or you’ll get recognized by someone and commended—then you have both man and God’s blessings upon your life. I don’t know about you, but that’s something I definitely want to do, and then receive!!


James Study: “Thursday (Yes, I’m off on my days *grin*), pg 60. “If I am to be a mature believer, I have to learn how to pray!” – James 5:13-18
After reading this, I am convinced that prayer is an area that I am doing well in, but could definitely continue to do better with. So, my prayer now is “Lord, teach me how to pray! Thank you for helping me along this far!”


A Prayer you can pray today:
“Lord, I love you!
May I be more like you every day, and may I act as a witness for you and your Grace that is Salvation. You deserve all I have and more.
Thank you for everything you have given me, and for what you are working on teaching me, and molding me into. May I be pliable to Your will.
Blessed be your name.


So there you all go! Trust me when I say that the stories about smoothies, Grandma "phrases of frustration" and my observations about life will make things more interesting. I'll post more tomorrow! And, you won't have my commentary at the beginning and end next time either =D

Adios My Friends!


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