Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Week In My Life: Day 2

Here's the second day of my "Week in the country". :)


August 9th, 2010 – Monday

I had every intention of getting up at 7:30 or 8 today, since my grandma is an early riser. Nope. 9:00 it was. So, I got up, did a few early morning stretches, got dressed for the day, and had breakfast. Yum.
Grandma A (Armstrong, my mum’s maiden name!) sat reading the paper and talking to me while I ate. Then we finished our Gin Rummy game we stopped last night.
I was in the lead by about 30 points.
Over the next few hands I became behind by 30, then 40, and then 50 points until finally Grandma passed the 500 point marker. She had won.
I laughed and groaned, reshuffling the cards as if to comfort myself that there were more hands and more games to come.

After putting the cards away, I did my daily bible reading, my James study, and a (short) prayer time before I moved on to other things.
Grandma A. called “Renaissance Gallery and Towers” to see if they were open today. They were – at two o’clock. So, since I had a few hours, I sat and wrote a letter. I grumbled to myself as I dipped my quill in the ink and put it to the page. I had forgotten my parchment paper, which does well with my inks. So today, I only had some pretty, (if very thin and cheap) faintly lined paper. It soaked up the ink like tissue paper and made the letters harder to read than I would definitely have liked. Oh well. It was still mostly readable :P.
But, I got the letter written, folded old-style (think 18th century), and sealed. It will be picked up on Tuesday.
We left at about 12:30 and had lunch at Culver’s. Their strawberry, pecan, bleu cheese, cherry tomato, spring green salad with raspberry vinaigrette was delicious!!! My grandma knew the manager, and asked if we could come back for the turtle fudge Sundays we had paid for after our trip to the Renaissance Gallery. The manager wrote a note on our receipt, put a smiley face next to it, and said “Anything for you Betty! (my grandma :D). In other words, my grandma is awesome!

It turns out that the Gallery and Towers was not an art and antique store as we had originally thought (their newspaper ad is misleading). It was an art gallery exhibiting some of the owner’s works and some fellow Indiana artist’s pieces. The owner and artist’s name was Eleanor Brewer. Her impressionistic landscapes and handmade paper, computer graphic, spray paint pieces are AMAZING!!! She teaches high school art at South Montgomery High School, specializing in computer graphics. The surprising thing about this cutting edge, intelligent, knowledgeable, passionate, Adobe Photoshop minded, Herron School of Art graduate artist and teacher, was that she was 71.
That’s what I said.

Her students are very blessed to have her as their teacher. If all the teachers in the public school system were as kind, passionate, knowledgeable, and open to technology’s advancements as Eleanor Brewer, our nation would be far better off than it is now!

After showing us the gallery on the first floor, Ms. Brewer led us upstairs. Antique furniture, marble topped dressers, verses from Proverbs 31, Van Gogh, Monet, Manet & Cézanne replicas graced the rooms and hallways of this “centennial building”, meaning I was built in 1876, 100 years after the signing of the declaration of Independence.

There are far too many stories about the different people and organizations that rented rooms on that second floor, as well as the history of Eleanor Brewer’s family. As it turns out, most of Ladoga’s town center including some of the surrounding houses and most notably the Gallery and Towers, was designed and built by her Great Uncle Knox.
All I can say is that I SO want to have a party in that place, as you can rent it for wedding and other events.
Oh! And for all you music lovers out there, Brewer hand painted a room to look like faux leather, with gold filigree designs painting as the top border, and 19th century composer’s names painted all around the room just under the gold border.
Beethoven. Tchaikovsky. Mozart. Rachmaninoff. There were so many composers, and music began to fill my head at the sight of their names. There was even a hand painted and handmade glass window above the door into the room depicting the first few notes of Beethoven’s 9th (I think…).
It was inspiring, to say the least.
Other artists chipped in on the restoration of this building, swapping their art and expertise for Brewer’s, making hand painted acrylic sinks, stained glass windows, tile and glaze work, and even floor mosaics standard fair in this little historical treasure.
All this is to say—if you are in mid-western Indiana, stop in Historic Ladoga and check out “Renaissance Gallery and Towers. You will be impressed, especially if you receive the grand tour.
After our time at the Gallery and Towers, Grandma A and I went back to Culver’s for our ice cream Sundays. It was about 97 degrees (Fahrenheit, for you Europeans readers *grin*) out, and we were hot. The cold ice cream was a nice, relaxing way to cool off. And I must say it was a very delicious way, too!
Some shopping and a stop at Gooding’s (a nearby local produce stand) and we were home.
I was very tired by this time, but put the finishing touches on the letter I wrote earlier before placing the stamp on the envelope and getting it ready to mail. A short nap later, we were having Peyton’s BBQ, the best darn BBQ you’ll ever have, fresh cantaloupe, and fresh tomatoes and cottage cheese. I can truthfully say that it all tasted wonderful.

So there you have it! My day. I’m ending it with writing all this down in my journal, and will also type it up so you, my muselings, can experience my week as well.
Who knows. I may even throw in a little Wuthering Heights in before bed.


Verse for the day:
Verses for today are not ones I looked up. I am now on a mission to find verses on the reality of Hell. I wrote “RESEARCH!” in my notes. I want to find verses to support the existence of Hell as a real, not metaphorical, place, instead of just mere conjecture and personal opinion. I know they exist, but I want evidence I can get my hands on =D


James Study: “Friday (Yes, I’m still off on my days *grin*), pg 62. “How can I help my friends who say they are saved but have no heart for God?” – James 5:19-20
After reading through today’s verses and answering the study’s questions, I am convinced that I have not done nearly enough to reach my friends and family members who are Christian’s in name only, have strayed, who don’t know him, or who don’t have a passion for him. My prayer now is that I won’t alienate them if at all possible, that God would give me the right time and the right words to speak, and that the way I’ve lived my life before the past couple of years wouldn’t alienate them or have them question my sincerity and passion.


A Prayer you can pray today:
“Lord, Your works amaze me!
You paint the sky with your hand and grace us with beauty in even the smallest of things. I thank you for your gifts to me, and I ask that I would reflect Your glory and Your beauty to those around me. May I be a witness to my friends and family, helping them see You for who You truly are, and finding a burning desire to live for you.
I praise Your name today, and lift You up in my heart.
You are my cherished one.


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