Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dum de dum de dum....

Wow. Ok, so I really haven't fulfilled my promise to tell you about me and little talks with the Holy Spirit, who is my constant peanut gallery. Cool and weird at the same time.
But, this morning, as I was sitting down to my computer to go through all my new emails, facebook notifications, and blog posts from people I'm following, HS said to me "James 5:11". I blinked, shook my head, and looked around for my bible. It wasn't close. So I went to biblegateway.com, looked up James 5:11, and lo-and-behold...it was exactly what I needed to hear.
Perfect for my situation.
"11As you know, we consider blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job's perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy."

Again, I say "Wow". You all know I've been struggling with hope, but I've still been persevering. This verse is an encouragement because I've done just that.
Thank you all who have been praying for me! Today's not the most hopeful day either, but I'll get through it!
See, I ended up writing another note to a friend this morning, which my sister is also delivering. And that makes me happy. I'm going to the doctor's in 20 minutes for an intensive checkup, then waiting a few hours before my neurological/spinal conductivity test at 2 this afternoon (Yes. I was right yesterday. It is 2 o'clock).
I'm overjoyed.
Can you tell?
I'm just....overflowing with happiness at the thought of doctors and tests.
*dry chuckle*
Oh well. It will all be over with soon, with "minimal pain" as my doctor said =P

So today I march (well, hobble XD) onward, through the sliding glass door into the multilevel Health and Wellness facility that my doctor runs, and into the arms of waiting nurses with electrodes, sticky ultrasound goo, and needles. Huzzah!
And when I get back, I have lots of code to mess with for the devo site. It's going to look AMAZING, let me tell you. Almost like it's not even on Blogger platform, or even WordPress. Instead, it will look almost like a real website! XP haha Cool, huh?
Off I go.
I'll talk to ya'll a bit later.


*Runs around doctors office in hospital gown, waving IV wildly and grinning...."You'll never catch me!"...And she gets tackled*
Ok. So maybe not the kind of scenario I'd like to have to admit happened today. But hey! You never know!!! *grinning*

PS: Casey just sent me a lovely e-card that made me smile. =D


Mizz Ali said...

When I was in hospital a few weeks ago, this one guy was so drugged up that he didn't know what was happening, where he was, and this elderly guy got the strength to fights and punch and yell 'LET ME OUT ! ! NOW! LEAVE ME ALONE! etc etc. he managed to injure 3 nurses and it took the whole security team to make him back down.

Of course, it was 1am, so it woke us all up :P

Mizz Ali said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rae Hitchings said...

hahahaha That sounds hilarious, except for the 1am part *cringe* You really didn't get much good sleep in the hospi then, did you?

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