Friday, September 24, 2010

"Getting to know you"

Hello everyone! This is a very simple post.
Why? Because I only have one subject. =)
I've noticed that I get about 50+ visits to my page per day now (and I only have 18 official followers :P)
So I would like to get to know my readers!
Introduce yourself!
Your name,
your blog (if you have one),
your country,
and a favorite thing to do in your free time.
Oh! And two more things:
1) any particular subject, thing, etc... that you would like me to blog on, if you have such a wish
2) What you have found most encouraging or engaging on Musings (i.e. what keeps you coming back for more :P)

These will help me both know you, AND help Musings get better as she she grows older. :)

So speak up!
Let me know you're here!
I'd like to know you, oh shadow people!

Your very interested Inty (Internet friend),
-Rae <3


Catherine Steinke said...

Well, I'd follow it if I could find the "follow" button... And where, exactly, does it show up? My inbox? I can't do that - I am overwhelmed already! I do enjoy reading your thoughts from time to time as it helps me know how to pray!

Rae Hitchings said...

Look at the top of the right hand sidebar, just below the stats.
And no. If you have a reader, like feedly, which shows all the blogs and the comments in a magazine like format for easy reading, then you can do it that way. Otherwise, no, it won't go to your email. It just lets me know who's "reading" :P

Calandreya said...

Robin Payton aka Calandreya aka 4libros


I'm heavily involved with community theatre in my area.

I'd like you to include a shout-out (not a whole blog) to Zailin and his family, for healing. Thank you, even if you don't.

You are an inspiring person, Rae.

Eleanor Roscuro said...


Name: Eleanor Roscuro (Roscuro isn't my real name. Eleanor is. This makes me happy.)


Country: The Republic of Ireland

What I like to do in my free time: One? Alright... I like to write on Musings!

It would be cool if you wrote a post about what music you like, because I like to know that about people. I don't really know why...

What keeps me coming back... Well, I love your enthusiasm and optimism in life. It's truly inspiring. And I like anyone who gives me compliments. I know. I'm shallow.

Eleanor Roscuro

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