Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ho hum

Well, today has been pretty uneventful.
I slept in today till about 11:00. For those of you who go to public school - BE JEALOUS! We homeschoolers do sometimes get to sleep in. It also helps that my doctor wants me to rest and I have multiple health issues that require such copious amounts of sleep *sly grin* Still. I can rub it in, can't I? *chuckle*
I then got up and prepped my teaching plan for today, as I was teaching my student Essie how to go through the right thought processes necessary to form a good essay. She has shown significant improvement in her writing and her organizational abilities in just the two weeks we've been working together. It seems that my teaching methods are working quite well! At our present rate of speed, she will be writing phenomenal essays in record time when our sessions are through. And the SAT essay? A piece of cake! It's actually kind of fun, too. I had a prompt about a snail and genetic modification for her to write a timed outline on, and she thought it was so weird that she posted it as her Facebook status. She got a number of people saying "That's hilarious!" and "Wow! Your tutor actually has you write on stuff like that? Jealous!" and the occasional "She must be a nutball. Are you sure you're going to learn anything?" Hahahaha
It's amazing.
But she even admits to having learned from me and grown in her writing, and that's the best part of all.

The BAD thing about having to teach today was that I had to drive...and I had to talk....and I had to put on my front that "Nothing is wrong with me". (She doesn't even know I'm sick, let alone going to the doctor's twice a week, minimum. Am I good at poker faces and social deception masks? Yes. I'm good XD). So. That all meant that I had to NOT take my narcotics six hours prior to me sitting down in my car, and then none until I got home. And let me tell you. Those 9 hours and 13 minutes that I was NOT on narcotics were some of the most painful in my life. Oh my gosh. >.<
I may be doing another IV therapy tomorrow, and if I do, we are DOUBLING the lidocain (internal pain relief) solution. Thankfully it's medically alright. And hopefully it will give me more relief than my four pain meds currently are. *long sign*

Other than that, I've been messing with blogger XML coding for the devo site, and it's not going so well. The code is pretty cool (though a bit convoluted), and looks amazing...but the blogger platform just isn't condusive to everything I want and need to do for it. So I'm messing around with a flash website that can support imported daily blogger posts on the main page (from a hidden, backsourced blogger account, of course), that will allow many, many cool features, multiple pages, minipages, tweaking, movable, extensive graphics selection, and a no-hacks-necessary "enter" page and moveable graphics. It's awesome.
....Yeah. I pretty much convinced myself to go with the flash website there. XD haha
But we shall see. I will have a special section of this blog here that will lead you directly to the website if and when it is created ^_^
This weekend's target launch date may have to be postponed. But if so, know that the end result will be that much cooler. Just saying :)

Now I'm going to crank up my music, work on some of my Health class and Latin homework, and then get back to coding and "flashing". My headache is so bad (well...everything hurts so bad) that I probably won't be sleeping much tonight anyway. If I'm able to concentrate, many things may get done. If I'm just catatonic, then my music may not even register. *shrug* Meh. I've had both before. I'm just hoping the former wins in the battle for my faculties.

Until tomorrow my muselings

-Rae <3


carlinuxlearner said...

NOOOO! No "enter" page (every web designer of any value will tell you that!) And no flash!!

"that can support imported daily blogger posts on the main page"
Any'ol PHP page can do that.

"extensive graphics selection"
but it's flash...

Rae Hitchings said...

hehe...I wondered if you'd catch the "enter" page part. :P
And here's what I have so far. I'm still not sure I'll go with it yet. but hey. I might as well have my options.

carlinuxlearner said...

heh, I doubt you want my opinion on it. Sure the visual appeal is quite nice, but other than that, I have nothing good to say about ANY flash page.

"Ooooh, look the Title expands when you mouse over" =/ You can do the same thing with Javascript or HTML5.

And also something you might want to note, reason number 31,592 not to use a flash site: Visitors cannot navigate using the back button in their browser, there is NO going back, they are stuck using the navigation controls you offer on your page (which is usually NONE)

Mizz Ali said...

oohh noooo don't rub it in! I'm soooo exhausted! Getting up, school, home to eat, back to school, sleep for 7 or less hours, start again. And they want us to come to school tomorrow! aah!

Rae Hitchings said...

Awe....I'm sorry dear. But that would be my life it I wasn't sick *shrug*
So, I'm sick, but can sleep in. You're not sick (anymore), and you don't get to sleep it. Kinda just opposites :P

I like sleeping in *grinning*
Play practice must be grueling at times!

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