Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's All Good

Hello all!
Today has been quite an interesting day :) I was supposed to sleep in yesterday to rest up from my medically eventful weekend...but I didn't. And today I had to meet a potential tutoring client (student and her mum) for a meet-n-greet, portfolio overview, etc... So no sleeping in today either. Instead, I woke up at 7:00, sent Ellie her text, took a shower, and gathered together all my supplies for the meeting. I must say that I was quite spiffy and prepared. Very professional. And let me tell paid off. I now have a Writing Class that I'm teaching two days a week, where I give out homework, grades, the whole shebang.
My new student's mum showed me off to a friend of hers, and oohed and ahhed over my credentials as a trained college writing tutor, all within 20 minutes of meeting me. Her daughter, Essie, is 17. She just got back from 7 weeks in Spain, and wants to kick off the school year with learning to write speedily, effectively, and adroitly. That, I can teach. So, here I am, now an official teacher *big smile*. My 66 page tutoring book (consisting of transcripts of tutoring sessions, session observations, papers on tutoring rubrics and theorems, various critiques of academic and student papers and much more) definitely helped land me the job. ^_^
It's going to be amazing. I love teaching :)

Ok. So. My day gets better. *does a little hippity-hop of excitement* I know, right? Best day in a looong time!!
I got home and started finishing some music mixes that I had been working on monday and tuesday, when I realized that I had never burned the 3 playlists I had created for Ellie (a worship mix, a "Be Happy!" mix, and an Indie music mix). So I quickly made the cds, put them in empty cases, wrote her a note explaining another present, and tied them up with pink ribbon. Now, in order for me to get them to her before she left (which she will do tomorrow...Friday :'( sad *sniff*), I had to drop them off myself. I also had to go downtown to meet with some friends before The Rock Bible Study, and then the study itself. So I quickly straightened my room (my parent's "need to have done" before social activities), pulled on my black converse with purple peace signs, and strolled out to my car. I was ready to deliver Ellie's present. The only thing was....her house was in the exact opposite direction of where I needed to go, and would add an hour (if not more) to my driving time. I just shrugged, smiled at the thought of giving them to her, and drove off. 30 minutes later I was placing the present in Ellie's mailbox. And a while after that, I was hopping on the highway to go downtown.

You have to know something about my transportation to get to campus. I don't have an IUPUI parking pass, so I have to park off campus and take the city bus to New York St. It seems that my arrival at the bus stop was perfectly in sync with Indianapolis Metropolitan High School's ending bell. There was students everywhere. The black students stuck together. The Hispanic students slouched near each other. The few white kids goofed off....together. Everyone was racially segregated. Baggy, bellow the hips pants, low cut tops, black, yellow and red school shirts, and the ugliest pair of Puma high heel shoes I've ever seen, were all around. And there I was. The lone Carmelite white girl without a touch of inner city on her. Sheesh. I'd never thought I'd say this, but I momentarily wished I lived near 38th street again, two blocks from gang violence and the occasional drug bust on our front lawn. Oh. And bullets in the roof.
At least then I could have given an air of street smarts XD
But my converse, new jeans, bright blue shirt with a pin stripe vest, and cropped, thin, light brown hair stood out like a well dressed sore thumb *laugh*


AND. Another thing. I haven't heard that much foul language in such a long time. I can't even count the number of "M-F", "B", "S", and "F"s I heard in that 10 minute time span, but I can tell you that it was more than I heard all last semester at IUPUI and the movies. Wow.
Thankfully, after a few f-bombs blasted their way through the bus with raucous laughter following, the bus driver announced on the speaker system to "Keep all profanity to a minimum. Mind other people. Don't say stuff like that on the bus, ya hear?"
I was thankful, because while I don't normally notice it when people swear around me and I don't outwardly cringe, the air was filled with such profanity. This one girl just kept using at least one swear word for every other word in every single sentence. THAT got me.

Ok. Back to my story.
Where was I.
Oh yes.
I'm on campus now.

Now, this semester, there's always one member of The Rock that is free and sitting on one of the couches in the middle of the Student Center--the Rock "office" or hub, shall we say. So I easily found three of my friends right away.
After some wanderings around the B&N and Starbucks in the building, I came back and found almost 20 friends and newbies clustered around the couches. We took up more than twice the space of any other group in the building. I love Rockers. We're awesome =P
Talking, air hugs, and discussions on history capstone projects, wooden African tribal cooking ladles, advanced Latin, writing, and teacher certs all ran their course.
Then came the Study itself.
We're on the fourth floor this year, room 405. It's bigger than last year's room, and might I add that we need at least that much. There were at least 45 students that attended tonight, 20 to 25 of them new faces for this semester. God is doing great things on IUPUI's campus!

We sang songs, discussed various retreats and outreach opportunities, evangelism training, and then The Reality of Heaven and Hell.
One of my posts these days will have to be about what we discussed concerning those topics. It will be very interesting and eye opening, I promise!

Hugs, laughter and feet sadly shuffling to the door concluded the night. Oh...and people asking me about how I'm doing physically. Over. And over. And over. People care, I guess :P

The coolest thing though about that last half hour on campus was walking towards the bus stop. On the north-east side of the Student Center is a parking garage with a bed of ivy separating it from the sidewalk, and then the street. A huge red-tailed hawk landed 5 feet from me in the ivy, just looking me up and down as if to say, "Silly human".
I stopped and stood very still. The hawk then tilted it's head and looked at me with it's large yellow eyes. It was curious. So I took a step forward. It didn't even flinch. I took 5 steps forward before the hawk just shuffled it's feet as if to say "Now, come on. That's far enough". Eventually, though, the hawk flew off to the top of the garage. But that encounter was awe inspiring! I could have reached out and touched its head had I wished to! I've only ever been that close to a bird of prey twice before today, and each time, just as today, their beauty took my breath away.
Animals that live in or near cities really do have much less fear of humans. And in this case, I am extremely grateful for that. God's beautiful, magnificent creations never cease to amaze me!

So. Thus ends my day. I'm home now, music cranked up, homework sitting on my desk and personal projects on hold until tomorrow. And besides two bad bloody noses, and being exhausted and achy, I am VERY happy.
Today was a good day.
How was yours?

Be Well!


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