Tuesday, September 14, 2010

IVs, Chicken Broth, and Melatonin

Well, I got back from the doctor a little bit ago. It seems that they were able to squeeze me in for my neuro testing and spinal ultrasound early, so I got both appointments done between 10:00 and 12:00.
I have a number of new pills to take, including another hormone. I'm to stay on my high dosage of pain killers, and I am going to have weekly IV therapy infusions. We may actually go up to two times a week if they seem to do any good. If not, then we're going to be looking at fibromyalgia and health clinics outside of the state, and then hospitals. I'm just praying that the new meds and the therapy will work.
The only thing about the IV infusions is that it will take about 2 + hours for every infusion. That plus the lydocaine that they're going to put in my IV (usually used by the dentist to numb one's mouth, but for me, used internally to help relax my muscles and numb my hyperactive nervous system), will make that day pretty much shot. I won't be able to drive myself anywhere, and will be pretty tired afterwords. But if it helps, then so be it!

I lost 3 pounds in 4 days over the weekend, even with me drinking juices and drinks with calories. It's not good for me to losing weight that fast, but I guess it's better than gaining weight, eh? They're not as concerned right now, because my body put on weight over the past two years due to my inability to exercise, digest fast, etc.. etc... etc... *rolls eyes*
That medical issues are still the case. But not eating for 3 1/2 weeks will reverse the weight gain process, guaranteed XD
My liver is still malfunctioning, very weak, and acting poorly. My gall bladder still isn't working. I have high mineral toxicity, and major internal mineral imbalances on top of everything else. So, again...NO good news. Just more things that need to be fixed.

My ultrasound and shock therapy that they did in my testing today will be sent to neurologist and another kind of doctor (can't remember what kind), who will then analyze the results and send them over to my doctor so HE gets to deliver the news. I hope it's good =P

The funny part about the neuro testing was that I was shocked be a mini 'cattle prod' all over my hands and arms. It hurt, and felt really weird, and looked even weirder with various fingers, hands, and extremities jumping up and down. Then, when they ultrasounded my spine (after putting on the cold gel...ick >.<), He had to take a picture at each vertebrae from the base of my skull down to my pelvic bone. Talk about weird. Thankfully, I really like the technician. He's very talkative, has lead a very interesting life, and told us some pretty cool stories. I'll have to share those in a later post.

For now, I'm going to try and rest my aching body. I could barely walk today, and am in so much pain it's not even funny. My shaking and spasms are almost constant and uncontrollable now. Thankfully, my mum is making me some organic chicken broth without MSG (which is not good for you in the first place, and really bad for someone with my conditions), which will hopefully give my muscles some kind of energy. Because right now, I have zero energy, and am extremely vitamin deficient. My doctor observed again how he's amazing I can get out of bed, get around, and still be somewhat chipper. God and sheer will. God and sheer will, people!

Alright. Until next time, my friends! Now I go to take my melatonin and try to pass out into happy unconscious land from whence I will wave foolishly at you as my narcs take affect XD

-Rae <3


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