Monday, September 13, 2010

Letters, Gatorate and Phone calls...not in that order =P

Muselings! Hullooo!

Today, not much has happened. I was able to get a bit of sleep last night, unlike the night before. I think that doubling up on my narcs, adding melatonin (a natural sleep aid), and being so exhausted that I literally passed on on my pillow made it possible XD
But sleep I did.
So, this morning I woke up, then lay in bed feeling weak, but not really caring. I was going to veg. Simple as that *happy smile* I hobbled out of bed at around 11:30 or so, using the railings, walls, and doors as supports. Dizziness and instability seem to be my constant companions these days. Michael was downstairs dressed as a cowboy when I came out of my room. He galumphed up the stairs, grinned at me, and gave me a hug. Awwwwe. =)
 A restroom break and one sip of gatorade later, I was sitting on the top step of our main staircase, with Michael babbling away to me and resting his head on my lap. I love moments like these. And today, there were MANY moments like them *happy sigh*
I went in and out of my room pretty frequently today. I am way too sore and in way too much pain to stay in one position or one place for too long, so it was necessary. During my forays into the "outside world" (i.e Michael's room, the bathroom, and occasionally even downstairs to the kitchen and library), I spent more time with Michael, recieved lots of Mummy hugs, and watched everyone else eat lunch =P. Grandma A stopped over at our house for a few hours and got to have lunch with us/them, which was nice. I love her so very much!!!
I went back into my room after lunch, and tried to sleep. But sleep would not come. I thought of bunnies. I thought of trampolines. Heck....I thought of eating crunchy, cheesy goldfish....again (I think I'm hungry =/) *shakes head* I'm weird, I know!
But that's why people love me!!!! *cheesy smile*
Anyway. I sat back up, took a deep breath, and tried to concentrate through the drug induced and sleep deprived fuzz in my head. I tried working on a bit of homework, but it just wouldn't stick. I tried reading more in my devotionals, but that didn't work much either. So I surfed the internet, and found some widgets for blogger that I'm going to use for the daily devo blog I'm setting up. It will be called "Abundant Living"...I think =P I already have a few people in mind to do guest devotionals, and I hope that ALL of you who are reading this check out the site. It will hopefully be up by this weekend (Lord willing).

After some surfing, I got a call from my "adoptive sister" Casey. *happy smile* She and I talked for almost 50 minutes. She made me laugh and smile, something I hadn't done much of today, as today hadn't been "the best", if you know what I mean. I love my Case! She's amazing!! ^_^
So then, once we got off the phone, I dosed up on pain meds again, was feeling more tired and grouchy because of lack of sleep, but decided to smile in spite of it all. Some sweet tea, Earl Grey and Cinnamon tea, Gatorade, and Water filled my headboard for the remaining hours of the day, until now...when I have Sweet tea, Gatorade, and water sitting on my headboard *chuckle*. Since I'm not eating, I have to stay hydrated.

I just finished a letter to a friend (The FIRST letter I've ever written to them! I'm excited to see what they'll say/write back! *big grin*). Did you know that I've written well over 60 handwritten letters in the past 3-4 years? Yup! And most of them with nib/feather pen and colored inks! It makes me happy writing encouraging notes to people! Truly Truly!
Oh! So, do any of you, even my overseas friends, want a letter? Do you want to be "pen pals"? Because I'd love to start writing letters to you! Just shoot me an email with your request and address, and we'll get started! =D

I'm just waiting for the ink to dry before I seal the letter with wax. My sister will deliver it to my friend in person tomorrow, since I won't be going to co-op tomorrow because of doctor's appointments. I just wish I could see the look on her face when she gets the letter *smile* Now, I have a few more letters to write this week, letters I've promised to people. I'm also expecting a few in my mailbox this week too. I'm excited!!

A prayer request I have for ya'll is for tomorrow. I think my Spinal/neurological conductivity test is as 2:00, but I'm not sure. The only thing I'm positive of is that my doctor's appointment is at 10:00, and the test is later in the day. If you could pray that things go well, and that I can get some GOOD news instead of the usual bad news, that would be quite lovely.

I love you all! And I hope your day went well!
Keep in the Word, keep smiling, and keep loving. The world needs all the love you can give.
I SO love you! =D

Be Well!
-Rae <3


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