Saturday, September 4, 2010

My. Brain. Huuuuurts.

Ok. So, if you know me, you know I like Monty Python quotes. One Liners, sketches, episode reenactments, the whole lot.
And the hospital was no different.
When I was there and dosed up on my "craaazzzy psycho-prancing pony-escapist patient in hospital gown!" medicine, I thought to myself.... "Ni!.....I am a knight who says "Ni!".
My mum looked up from her book, gave me a weird look at said "Oook."
My goofy grin must have gotten to her, because then she laughed.
Many lines followed, including her and I repeating the title of this post back and forth to each other (a famous Monty Python Sketch quote, might I add). "MY. Brain. HUUUURTS."
And between my mum and I in a small, slightly echoey hospital room, an IV stuck in my arm, my hair mussed, and announcements on the speakers of hospital patients who need to "get back to their beds", It was a pretty amusing time.

Last night was a VERY long night.
I tried eating for the first time in a week. I think my kidney infection is getting better, because a few problems have become "not as severe" :P But my fibromyalgia, internal spasms, and neurological triggers from muscle movement in the stomach due to ingested foods, make it near impossible to eat without major repercussions. It didn't help that my family just randomly decided to go out to of my favorite steak places EV-AR.
It sucked.
Because even the smell of food right now is like a nauseating whiff of....something bad.
I'm sorry I'm not more descriptive, but I got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night. Again.
It doesn't help that I've been reading all these hilarious and random blogs from around the world (Australia, South Africa, Ireland, etc...) that talk about seasonal woes, maniacal laughing, novel writing, test taking, blogger irritations, stupid people, and random other things that are slightly escaping my...oh wait. A tree!..ok...that are slightly escaping my not-so-together brain right now.
Please forgive me.
I have sleep deprivation induced ADH----Tree!----D.
Again. I apologize. I'll need to stop staring out my window when I get distracted. Next time I'll look at my---Lamp!----Room. XD

This actually made me laugh out loud looking back at it. I'll have to write posts when I'm really sleep deprived again. :)
And a note on yesterday. I met my friend Merry at our normal hang-spot (PANERA! hehe). I brought her orange/yellowish passion roses that had pink and red flaming tips and smelled really nice. Kudos to me for being the sweetest thing since.... (Sliced Lunar Candy?) Whateva. It was nice of me.
And let me tell you that I do so love giving my friends flowers! It's now becoming kind of a signature thing for me. Ever since I got a bouquet of fake roses that were scented with my friend's (the giver's) body spray (so I would smell the undying roses and remember her over the summer when we wouldn't see each other), I have given some kind of flower with every one-on-one friend meeting since then.
It's awesome.
Might I add that Merry didn't object to them either? *smiling proudly*

*long pause*
......Yeeeeah. Sleeepy time sooooon.

Funny story. We were just about to leave Panera so Merry could get home and finish her Latin homework before a deadline, and I said "Wow. We didn't even buy anything". Me not being able to eat, that wasn't a problem. But she was like "Oh my gosh! You're right!" So she shoved the flowers into my hands, grabbed her wallet, and went back inside. Now, the guy at the register who had already wished us a "Good day" looked at us oddly, and even more so when she explained the situation to him.
Merry: "Yeah. We were here for an hour and we didn't even buy anything so I decided to come in and get something because I didn't want to leave...without...something. I'll have the Black Cherry Smoothie. Thank you."
He gave her a look.
Me? I was like "Ooook. Not what I would have said. The young man didn't need to know our idiosyncrasies and tendencies to talk for long periods of time without paying for the privilege in a non-busy restaurant should have just said "I wanted to order something before we left. How about the Black Cherry Smoothie?""
I love my Merry. She makes me laugh. And smile.
We must do it again, Friend! It makes for a very enjoyable day!

Anyway. I must sign off now. My brain is going all black and white static on me...blech.
I shall write again later. Maybe today, maybe not.
But know that I shall return.
"I'll be Baack".
That's right.
I just pulled an Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Be Well (Well, be better - My Muselings!

*Evil laugh* (I thought that would be apropos for this post's conclusion, don't you? XD)


Robin Payton said...

Wow! I'm sorry you're hurting so much, glad you're getting better. You sound like the kind of person my daughter would befriend. She's unique, too.

I decided it was kinda rude to talk at Eleanor's without including her, so I'm here, talking atcha, and now worrying about you some.

I always get my Monty Python quotes wrong. Everybody else in my family is spot on, but I never get the lines right - not even the easy ones.

Rae Hitchings said...

I've been living with my "issues" for 3 years now. They've kind of sucked a lot of activity out of my teenage life. But then, that's life for you :P It likes to throw you curve balls. You just have to choose to respond badly or happily to it, and I choose joy. ^_^

If you want to know my medical journey, below are posts (in chronological order)that kind of detail this summer's main happenings, up to this post.


2) - (This one is a short story I wrote about me learning to deal with my diseases)





7) (the most recent besides this one)

It's easier than explaining it all :P
And yes, it's worrisome. Especially as of late. But as I said, when you choose to be happy, you will be. And lately, as things have gotten worse, I've been feeling happier, more fulfilled, and have been more involved in making my friend's and my family's lives happier too. Such is my life *smile*

And It's ok that you don't always get Monty Python lines right. I bet it's funnier when you don't. XD


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