Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hey peeps!
How are things?
Well, for me, things are...progressing. Yeah. I guess that's the best word to describe things. It's been a few days since I last posted, but it feels longer =P
It seems that my doc did get me some major referrals to some specialists. Tuesday we saw a pain specialist who said I was one of the few people with true fibromyalgia, and one of the worst cases that he's seen in his 15 to 20 years of practice all around the world. What a joy to be so unique *chuckles*. But he said that he could give me some immediate pain relief with cortisol shots in my shoulders and shoulder muscles (4 shots total) on Thursday (same week! Tomorrow morning!), but he wasn't' sure how long it would last. Fibro patients usually only have short lived relief from shots like that, so we'll just have to see. That's why he's only doing one trial area - my shoulders.
There's also an experimental treatment (highly expensive) availabe, but he says that it has never been used on fibro patients.  Still. It might have a chance of working. What is it? Laser Treatement. They eliminate the stem pain nerves in my joints with a laser, to disrupt chronic pain and allow the body to heal and get out of its "pain cycle". But again. It's experimental. Dr. Srini (the pain specialist), said that it was pretty much a last resort. So if everything else doesn't work, I may the first trial patient with fibromyalgia to get it. Who knows.

About an hour after we got back from seeing Dr. Srini, my mum got a call from my main doc, Dr. Fetters, saying he got us in to see the OTHER pain specialist who also specializes in fibro and IV therapy. We were going to see his assistant Physician for an IV treatment as Dr Guyer himself had looked over my files and come up with a special cocktail to hopefully help me. I was at his offices in Nora for 2 hours today getting the first IV therapy. My arm aches now, but I don't have the pain side effects that I did with the other IV therapies, so that's good.
Now I just have to get through the 4 cortisol shots (deep tissue) tomorrow morning (at 9:45), and I'll be able to rest from doctor's visits for the rest of the week. I get to see Dr. Fetters Monday or Tuesday to look over my results from the Heavy Metal Poisoning testing I had done last week, and my physical reactions to the new IV treatment. I'm praying it does some good!

Ok. So those are all the medical updates.
The personal side is much more fun :P
Tuesday evening my Latin teacher, Mrs. Huston, brought over her daughters Abi and Lydia, and friends Courtney and Molly, all lovely people from my Co-op. *big smile* I love those girls. They brought over a case of Steak N' Shake shakes since I could stomach them, and we all sat down to drink the cold, milky goodness and talk. Then my mum arrives home with my brother Matt and sister Sarah, plus 3 boxes of pizza. So then we all get to talk and eat pizza. (Notice how "talk" is in there each time. Can you guess why? XD).
A short while later I'm showing them my room and giving Molly a watercolor painting I did of 4 porcupines (cartoons) upon request. It was adorable. My baby brother even giggled and kissed it the first time he saw it. So I'll take that as confirmation of my above statement *laugh*.
I loaned Courtney two books from my large book collection, laughed with (and at) Abi as she buzzed around the room, high on sugar, and had a few inside jokes with Molly.
All that to say that it was awesome. I was tired that day, and not as "upbeat" as I normally would have been, but it was still a night that I will remember for some time to come, and am very thankful for. My friends rock. =D

OH! and I have to say one thing. My brother Matt is sweet. Yes. You heard me right. Sweet. When he got home from school, I just though "My brother!", stood up from my chair, forgot about our guests, and hugged him, in front of all the non-related girls. And he hugged me BACK without any hesitation or hullabaloo. How AWESOME is that? And how many brothers would do that? I'm lucky to have two such brothers who give me special treatment. *big smile* I'm loving every minute of it!

For the rest of the week, I'm going to be pretty low-key. Mum wanted me to rest for the remainder of today and for as much of tomorrow as possible, especially since I've never had the shots before. We don't know how I'll react. The resting won't be much of a problem, it turns out. You see, my tutoring for tomorrow was canceled, and I'm not well enough to go to The Rock bible study...still *sad sigh*. So, I'm staying in all day except for the one outing to the pain specialist. Happier news about Thursday is that G'ma is bringing my baby brother back from staying at her house for two days. I miss him uber muchly! It'll be so nice to have him back!! Can you tell I love him? Mhm. That's right. I got it bad. haha

Other than that, I've been trying to finish the large amounts of letters that are overdue and sitting on my desk, I've been talking to Molly on the phone a few times a week, and I've been happy to have the shows House and Castle back on. :) Yay!

I do know that the devo site is already two weeks behind schedule. I'm working on that, but slowly. I actually have valid excuses, but you already know all of them (see list of medical problems above =/). So I will refrain from mentioning them again.

Now that you know my week's schedule though, I can hopefully write a few pieces for Musings on Herbs (the next Health In Focus post!), things I've been learning, and maybe even a Friday Funny post. We shall have to see.

One other post I will have to do is a thank you to Eleanor Roscuro, author of the blog "Musings of an Undiscovered Genius" (see Quote of the week on the right). She named me for the Blog of Substance Award on her Musings, and I have to respond to that. *smiles happily* Substance people! I have substance!!!

I'll try to keep the blow by blow posts to a minimum (sorry about that). But I thought you'd want to know.
Eleanor asked for a post about Music. That will have to come too.
So I know what I'm going to do now.
I'm going to do a "What I have learned lately" for Thursday's post. A "Shout Out/Thank You" piece for the award and a "Friday Funny" on Friday, A music post on Saturday, and a "Health in Focus" on Sunday.
This way, since I listed them above, I won't just "forget"...and if I do not post, you all can write nasty little things on my wall.
You have permission. But only this once. And only for this one thing... *counts promised posts*...wait...five things XD

I will work hard to keep them up to par with previous Musings.
And now, I retire.
Goodnight, dear world!
I head to a [weird] dreamland.
Oh yeah. I have weird dreams now. I think it's the narcotic....I dreamt of whales for heavens sake...whales lounging on beaches...and other, scarier, things.
Forget I sad that.

Be Well!


Casey Elizabeth Ruble said...

hehe No matter what happens, you keep that upbeat and positive talk and it just amazes me! You're quite an amazing young lady, in more ways than one. :) I hope some of this treatment works!!! Praying for you and I love you dearly!

Rae Hitchings said...

You know that I try my best to be upbeat and positive...despite dreaming about lounging whales!
Yes....that part DOES make it harder, I know XD
But I'm succeeding quite well despite their negative influence *laugh*
I love you too!


Mizz Ali said...

You're always so optimistic :) Not a bad thing, of course.

The power of the mind can be a very strong thing. :)


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