Tuesday, September 7, 2010

*Sigh* Life, Right?

Ok. So my friends are weird. It's pretty much a given if I spend any kind of extended time with them. Meh. They're more interesting!

But first, I'll update you on my life....
It's boring and exciting and ordinary at the same time. *shrug*
Let me explain.

Monday, I was "partly bedridden". I couldn't get out of bed much Sunday, had to miss church, and of course, carried over my pain and exhaustion to monday. BUT! The good news is that I can rally myself for an occasion. At 1:03 monday afternoon, my brother Matt (15) knocked on my door saying Dad was busy, He had to do finish his geometry homework so he could call up his friend Lewis and help him do HIS math, and Mum and Sarah (13) were out shopping. I now had Michael duty - or, watching the 3 year old, your eyes on him every second :P

Michael sees me for the first time that day, breaks into a gigantic grin, dimpled grin, his new freckles standing out on his cheeks, and his bright eyes sparkling. Gosh is he an attractive little man! [Note: I have the cutest "boyfriend" around, hands down!]
We watch 30 minutes of Rescue Heroes, play with his batmobile, talk Godzilla, play dress up, and virtually have a wonderful time with each other until nap at 2:00. I thought he had eaten with everybody else....I was wrong. I hadn't known they had done brunch, and that Michael would now be hungry, later than normal. So when I say "Nap time!", he breaks down, his face red as he sobs, his head bent forward dejectedly. Pitiful much?!

So, I quickly comfort him and get him some baloney and pretzels to tie him over. I have him eat them at the little table in his room while I read "Oh Say Can You Say" and "Green Eggs and Ham", two of his favorite Dr. Seuss books, and ones I had my mum read to me countless times when I was younger. Tongue twisters, yes. But fun, nevertheless.

After hugging and kissing him goodnight, I go back and hide away in my room for about three hours, until Michael calls, saying "Raaaaachel!!! Raaaaae Raaaae! Time to get UUUUUU-Uuup! *pause* I'M AWAKE!!!" Groaning and smiling at the same time, I open his door. He jumps up on the bed, grabs me around the neck and plants a big kiss on my cheek. Then, as he's going potty, changing clothes, and getting suited up for his "rescue hero battle adventures", he tells me ALL about his new favorite "heroes" and what he wants for his birthday. It's kind of cool, because we're planning on having his 4th birthday party at a nearby firehouse. The fireman will fix him hotdogs and burgers while we bring everything (and everyone) else. They get to have cake, try on equipment, and play around in the trucks. Then, they get their own little plastic fire hats, sticker badges, and a round of "Happy Birthday" from the firemen. For Michael, this will be heaven. Oh my goodness. *chuckle*

Now, the rest of the day consisted of me trying to get my final revisions for my Writing Class/Tutoring syllabus done because I was teaching the first class on Tuesday (today), as well as keeping an eye on the whirlwind child, helping my dad balance things at home while Mum and Sarah finished up shopping, and being present while Matthew be-bopped around doing his own thing, and mowing the lawn.

So, eventually, I was in bed by 1:54am, awake at 7:50 this morning, and made the final preparations for my class. It went well, I must say. I had forgotten how many issues people have with just getting their thoughts and their knowledge down on paper without over thinking or stressing, and how hard it is for some to write quickly, and think logically so the final result is speedily, adeptly, and adroitly done.
I laid the foundation for all these things, and hopefully class on Thursday will enable me to build on those concepts. Just pray for me that I can be the teacher and the tutor my kids need!

Now I'm home. I've told Michael two "Bob" stories, one about Knight Bob, and one about Bronco Bob. It was the first time my mum had sat in on our little story time, and she ended up laughing periodically and smiling throughout. It was fun *grin* NOW Michael wants a Knight Bob story where he goes to China, saves a princess, and fights a dragon...all in that order. I'm just going to have to find out what he has to save the princess from if the dragon comes last =P
But that's the burden of sisterhood! Weaving tales of glory and humour all for the sake of one little boy's enjoyment and glee.
I love my job! ^_^

A medical update for you all is that I am now having adverse reactions to my anti-nausea medication, and am unable to take it. It was the only thing allowing me to keep drinking fluids, let alone even THINK about eating. At this rate, with the increasing nausea, I won't even be able to drink by tonight. I put in two calls to my doctor's nurse to ask if they could write me a script for ANY kind of alternative medicine, or direct us to an on-the-shelf kind that wouldn't interfere with my other meds. But so far they haven't called back. This pain and nausea is really beginning to eat at me and sap my strength...what very little I had. I just pray that this setback doesn't cause me to go back to the hospital. That's the last thing I need. Oh...and I can't take my supplements (all 60 pills of them) or so, because it hurts too much to swallow anything. I'm barely keeping the antibiotic, cortef, and pain pills down. Prayer would be lovely, if you could.

Other than that.....I'm hoping to take McKenna out for an outing this week, talk with her sister Ellie on the phone (she's away at college now) on Wednesday (or later this week), Teach class and go to a doctor's appointment Thursday, catch up on homework, finish more letters, and keep updating my blog.
So, I'm not without things to accomplish this week.

I ran out of time right now to go into the weirdness of my friends. But I will be putting up a number of different posts with some of the funnier, artistic, or my favorite photos of my friends. I've been looking through a lot of the photos that I'm going to post, and I've realized that I really do have a lot of really attractive friends and acquaintances! Kudos to me for picking the beautiful ones to hang with XD. They make me look better (I hope!).

My next post will be on the spices you guys asked for in the last post.
Are there any that you would like me to look at? Herbs? Plants? Teas? Spices? Anything that you use often in cooking, or find interesting? If so, post them below, and I will find out their medicinal value and the ways in which they benefit (or harm) the body. Since Herbology and Natural Medicine are hobbies of mine, and I have a nice collection of books and resources on the matter, it should be fun and easy to find.

Be Well, my muselings!


Mizz Ali said...

Hi :)

LOL he sounds like the cutest thing :) I have a younger sister, she's 10. We're not the best of friends. Far from it. But we're not the worst of enemies either......

I hope you don't have to go to hospital. I felt as if I was more tired when I came out than when I came in! (Well, the fact that they turn on all the lights and wake you up at 5am to take your temp. and blood pressure and your IV drip beeping and clicking/whirring all night when you're not used to it and horrible roommates who talk at the top of their voices doesn't help.) Ah well :)

Rae Hitchings said...

He is SUCH the cutest thing! Oh my word! haha
I've been working on repairing/rebuilidng the relationships with my brother and sister, and the one with my youngest brother (Michael) has been amazing since he was born. He nice to me even when he's in a terrible mood with everyone else.

And I hope the hospital is not in my immediate future. But they'll probably just hold me for 6 to 12 hours before giving me something new to try. It's only if I have other complications that they'd keep me overnight. The nice thing about the 3 hospitals near my house is that I would either get a room to myself, or share it with one other person. So it wouldn't be too terrible :P
Poor you XD


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