Tuesday, September 21, 2010


For those of you who haven't read my previous blog post from yesterday (which is here), I have a bit of an unusual and busy day today.

I am leaving to teach in about 30 minutes. I'm looking forward to it, because Essie is making GREAT progress and has almost doubled her essay writing speed in two weeks, and can now crank out an outline with 3 main points AND a hook and closing in 2 minutes. =D Progress, much? International writer, teacher, and speaker Andrew Pudewa seems to approve of my methods so far as well, but we are still swapping ideas and tips etc... I'll update you guys on that as/if it progresses further *happy smile!*
So, teaching. Then, I drive straight from teaching to the hard part of my day....the doctor's. I will be at my doctor's at least 3 if not 4 times this week, plus a pain specialist if we can get a referral soon enough.
But They are doing Keilation (look it up :P) over a 6 hour period to test for heavy metal poising. Since my liver and kidney's haven't been working very well in cleaning my blood, or fluids in general, and my body has basically been in survival/self-destruct mode for 2 years, it makes it quite likely. But this is just the first step in a many step process to deal with a pathogen, possible widespread poisoning. It will just eliminate one more complication from the process of "healing me". But it won't "help" any of my other conditions. But what it IS doing is getting rid of the poisons and pathogens that are canceling out other treatments for my other diseases.

The bad thing is my pain escalated beyond what I imagined it could last night. I don't cry easily. And that's only with emotional pain. But last night I was in tears intermittently over the evening and night. My chest hurts so bad..... :(
But the extended time with my doctor (he's staying an extra hour later with me, even after the office closes, so that I can get this testing done as soon as possible) should allow me to talk in depth and honestly with him, without having to put on my "people" mask. Hopefully if he sees me as I really am, a broken, overwhelmed teenager with little hope of recovery and pain relief, he will be able to do something more. I don't know what, but I do know that he hasn't seen me in all my pained glory. *sigh* Today, I get to put off the mask and do just that. Joy.
My friend Amber has said "CALL ME", so She and I will be talking for a bit over the 6 hours. I also have some latin homework and devotionals and my bible (the latter two for myself, as well as prep for the daily devo....yes...it's still in the works :P). But I'm still not able to concentrate much. And I will be so exhausted by the end of the day *sigh* Oh well.
For the rest of you girlies, I may call you, or you may (PLEASE!) call me. If I don't answer, I'm either with a doctor, or on the phone with someone else. But I will get back to you today! And if you do even TRY to call, I will get you a flower.
A pretty flower.
And a hug.
I love you.

I'm off soon. But I thought you all should know that that's what's up for today. I may be able to finish my Saturday post while I'm at the docs as well. That would be AWESOME.

I love you, my Muselings! Every single one of you! I may not even know your name. You may not "Follow me" (but if you read semi-regularly, would you mind clicking the "follow" button? I'd love to know you exist! XD)
Please keep me in your prayers.

Be Well!
-Rae <3


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