Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Day of Happiness and Laughing

Hello Muselings!
It's been a day since I last posted. And that wasn't about what's been going on with me, so I thought I'd give ya'll an update. So far, things have been great. I went to therapy today and Trish said that I looked much better and happier than I have in a long time. And she asked why. My answer? Molly. I don't know how, exactly, but she seems to make me forget my pain and constant discomfort by just being around. She makes me happy. She fills a hole that I didn't know existed and that I seem to find is deeper and larger than I initially suspected. My twin, shall we say. Now, I've never had a friend like my Casey. We have a friendship that is deeper and stronger and far more lasting than pretty much all of my other friendships. Molly is different. I...yeah. I can't explain it any better than she is my twin, or my synonym. Different, but interchangeable. So similar, and so in sync that we merely compliment, not irk, each other. She's the only one who has ever gotten me to just "forget" my pain. I mean, others can distract me from it, but she seems to help me put an almost impenetrable wall around it. My body hasn't been feeling great these past few days, let me tell you. But being here makes me react less to it. A major flair in my right side is building. It will hit sometime tonight. Yet, I am not as bothered by it as I know Molly and I will be spending the night talking with each other.
Just one more way that God has blessed me with the people in my life.

A funny thing happened today as well. I was tutoring Essie, and she was tired. She'd had a bad day with tests that didn't go quite well, a broken backpack when she was running to meet me at the library, arriving a couple minutes late, and so on and so forth. Now, when we got to a few different prompts, giving words to start off her essay's "hook" and to spark a thesis statement and complete paper (I'd have to go into more detail for you to "get it", but it helps though. Really!), Essie just started cracking up. I mean, laughing. Hard. A LOT. And that got me laughing. And so it went. We tried a few different prompts unsuccessfully until we got to one about banning certain cafeteria foods that were unfit for human consumption. She just spouted off "genetically modified foods" and then wrote a complete paragraph in a little under 4 minutes. Yes. Good. But it was the ONLY prompt for hooks that we got completed. She finished a few timed paragraphs before that, but the session was more talking and trying to stay on topic without laughing hysterically every few seconds than anything else. *shakes head* Wow.
A few phrases and metal images that came from our laughter and "unique" train of thoughts sparked by the unusual prompts:
The most uncool super power in the world - that of turning into a rat tail.
The most uncool super power in the world - that of having half your body turn into a mega body builder's ripped body, and the other half staying normal and wimpy.
Essie telling run on creative stories about random people and exchange students "One rainy night in London" instead of choosing a thesis and a paper and a hook. =P

And then just laughing. And moaning and laughing at the same time. And dropping the back of an earring, disappearing with your head under the table for a few seconds while laughing, and then just laughing.
Do you see a pattern anywhere there, perchance? *grin* I'm laughing again. XD


That suffices for today, well, other than the fact that I brought flowers back for Molly. She likes them. ^_^ And I'm continuing to write her good morning notes and slip them under her door at 3 in the morning when I'm still awake and she's sound asleep. Ah. The joys of writing in ink and imagining the best possible scenarios for the other person to open it and read your heartfelt words...not like I do any of that stuff in real life *looks around the room awkwardly* Dum de dum *chuckle* =P . I have a vivid imagination, especially hopped up on all my medications, exhausted beyond belief, and high on some sugar from the teas I was drinking *big grin*
Yeeeah. I'm "FUUN"!!! haha

Now to yesterday.
Wednesday was pretty uneventful. I stayed in all day *shrug* I even had the house to myself for part of the evening. My facebook status was "I'm alone in the house! AHHH! =)" But then I decided to have fun with the status and added:
Nevermind. I have my alternate personalities to keep me company

Other me: "Really? I didn't know you had alternate personalities!"

Me: "Oh yes. It runs in my family. You see, Judy, another me, likes genealogy and such things
Judy: "No, that's Jerome's thing. I like looking into botany."

Other me: "Oh. So you're the plant lady."

Judy: "Right"

Me: "Lets get back to...Jerome, was it? Jerome!"

Jerome: "What?!"

Judy: *puts finger in her ears* Aye!! You needn't shout! Goodness!"

Jerome: *mimics Judy*

Me: "Stop that"

Other me: "Yeah. Stop that!" *pauses and looks at me* "You are sooo weird."

Me: "An you're imaginary!"

Other Me: "Point taken"

......To be continued.

Don't I just have too much fun? *chuckle*
Jerome: "phfff. I'm not sure I would put it quite that way"
Judy: "Jerome! Be nice!"
Other me: "Haha...but he's right, you know!"
Me: "Hush!"
*Big Smile* =D

Now I'm drafting my first letter to fellow blogger (IRISH! AH!) Eleanor, and sending a few emails back and forth with another blogger friend Amy (who's blog "A Tree Grows" I really enjoy reading), who is now my newest e-pal. I have another e-pal who approached me to have someone to talk to after I reached out to the people on Her nickname is Bubbles, and both she and Amy are Canadians. Booyah. =). So many people! I'm flattered that all of you want to either write me, or write back and forth with me. It makes me feel special! And I like feeling special! *cheesy smile* Thank you!

The rest of the day is going to be me chilling, maybe finishing episode 12 of the awesome South Korean show "Playful kiss" (there's only one real kiss so far. It's a character comedy. And clean. I love it!), and then the fun starts!
Molly and I are having and actual "sleepover" tonight. She gets to stay in my room, or me in hers, and we get to maybe watch a movie, and/or listen to music, and then talk for hours sitting arm in arm. I'm looking forward to it immensely!
Casey, we need to do this soon, too!
My peoples! I love you! *BIG group hug*

Alright. So, I'm going to post this now, go through my 33 emails (all from today...ugh), read up on other blogs, and wait for my Molly time.

Talk to you all later!
Oh. Again, any question ya'll have for me? Like, my favorite unusual colors, or my most unique article of clothing, or anything like that? I'll answer them honestly, I promise. And you can ask all the questions you like.


PS: Can you tell I'm really happy right now? =)


Amy said...

Hey there! Thanks for mentioning me. =) I'm going to think of question right now... what's the thing that in the past you've regretted doing, but look back now and think that it was probably one of the greatest decisions you've done so far? Hopefully that makes sense.

Looking forward to your next email!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Sounds like a fun day! Haha, any day labeled "happiness and laughing" is fun. (Just call me Miss Obvious.) :)

Rae Hitchings said...

Amy - you mentioned me too, so we're even =D (I'll answer the question in the next blog post) And I just sent you another email *grin* It's cool to have another e-pal. Me loves people!

Miss Obvious - I agree. Any day with "happiness and laughing" in the title is bound to be fun. It got even better as the day wore on though. Just saying :P
Any days like that coming up for you on your calendar?

Eleanor Roscuro said...

Aww, you're so happy! Thanks for mentioning me. I love how people not from Ireland think being Irish Ah is so cool. (It is. Be jealous. Be really jealous. But not for too long.)

Question: If you could give up any one of your talents and replace it with another one, what would you give up, and what would you replace it? (Heh. Heh heh heh.)

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