Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friday Funny: The Invention of the Spoon (with Pictures!)

So, since I was unable to sleep much tonight, I decided to go ahead with the Friday funny (although it will be published Saturday morning...reeeeaaallly early =P)

There is a question on blogger about your thoughts on the possible origins of a fork. Did it evolve from the spoon? And that got me thinking....where did the spoon come from? And then I had a marvelous idea of doing a short comic strip using images I drew in Microsoft painter to tell the story (Much like a favorite blog of mine, "Hyperbole and a Half")
So here is a silly tale of how the spoon was pictures, and a few words.


Once upon a time, there was a little blob, called "Blob". He was small, grey, and round.

One day, a Caveman came along and saw a stick lying next to the blob. Could this possibly be the start of something great?!

Are the problems of eating with your hands and drinking your soup fixed?

Well, it seems that the invention of Capture the flag happened. But what about the spoon?

Caveman #2 comes looking for the stick. Does he find it?

Yes. The Caveman finds the stick and....breaks it. How manly. How funny. But the blob is just a blob, and the spoon is still wishing for existence somewhere...somehow!

Poor, lonely Blob...... ='(

Suddenly, a worm happens by, and stops to take a look at the curious blob in the middle of nowhere.

As the worm is examining the no longer lonely blob, a storm rolls in...

The worm gets hit by lightning, and the shocked worm shows its true colors.....oranges, whites, and a gaping black mouth. How attractive.

Oh dear! The blob and the now crispy fried worm are fused together!!!

The name of this new, weird, wacky combination of organic and metallic ooze? A BLORM!!!!

Caveman #1 comes by again, and is fascinated by the Blorm. Is there still hope for the spoon yet?

Sadly, yes. The spoon is invented, and the first housewife is seriously offended. "MY cooking? THIS thing help MY cooking? You oaf!!!!"

Can you guess what might have happened to that poor, oafish, insulting Caveman? Yes. The first spoon was used as the first husband whacker. And thus, came about the creation of the spoon.
You didn't learn anything like THAT in school, now did you?!
You bet you didn't!

And that concludes today's Funny. Was it worth the hours I spent working on the pictures?
Do you want more cavemen adventures? Do you want more invention stories? Do you want more BLOBS?
Speak and be heard! I will try to provide more of whatever you guys found funniest.
So, please! Feel free to speak! I want to know your opinion!

Cavewoman I be...
Cavewoman sign out.
Cavewoman sleep now.

Be. Well. Me. Sleepy.


Amy said...

Hey Rae,
Sorry if I didn't get back to you sooner about you having permission to link my blog post. You're welcome to do so, no ones ever asked me or said that my writing was haunting and beautiful, so I really appreciate that. Oh, and I did write Stranger. =)

Love the caveman story by the way! You're right, we don't learn that all the time.

Have a good weekend!

Mizz Ali said...

heyy :)

LOL, I LOVE that caveman cartoon story thingi :)

Rae Hitchings said...

Amy: Thank you, Amy! I'm glad it was a first! ^_^ I'll probably link to it/use part of it in a post this next week! YAY!

Mizz Ali: Hey back! I'm so glad you liked it! *laughing* I spent a while on it...especially the people. took a while to color and draw those guys! 0.o
But as you could probably tell, even though they're "painter" people, I like drawing the human body. Otherwise, I'd be doing stick people haha


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