Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Funny: Misadventures of a Would-Be Detective

Simply put, I am often quite strange. I work to think like a detective, journalist, psychologist, you name it. I often find myself way over analyzing things. But yesterday, I did a bit more than that, all in fun of course *grinning*

You see, I was on my way home from teaching. And, as any good driver does, I was gawking....just looking around at the world flashing by. as I was sitting at a light near College Avenue, I saw this black van stopped next to me, even it's windows darkened. So, me being so detective minded and having watched way too many cop shows, I decided to follow that truck, and see where it was going.
A warehouse? A run down, dilapidated house for sale? An alleyway? *Yes, I am grinning like a Cheshire cat right now* haha
So, I do a Uturn, and follow the van. We go through several lights, with me always staying two to three cars behind (a VERY hard thing to do, it turns out!). They pull into a driveway, so I turn into a parking lot across the street to watch. I guess they were just turning around, meaning I had to do some serious weaving between cars to catch up to them. :P
And you know what? My curiosity payed off, in a way.
I found out where they were going. You see, they had seen the sign...the sign for the building they wanted to inflitrate, to use, to consume. And what was that sign, you ask?
"Hi, and welcome to Taco Bell! May I take your order?"
Yes, ladies and gentleman. It was Taco Bell, the Americanized pseudo-mexican food chain scattered across the United States.
The men in the black van ordered 1 mexican pizza with a medium drink and extra guacamole, a side of chips, and some salsa. There were also three soft tacos, 4 hard tacos, and 2 more drinks. I think they were hungry.
And then they parked their "shady black van", got out, stretched (they didn't look THAT scary after all, although I could always find a way to twist that to my advantage *wink*), and then got back in and ate their food.
Me? Well, I had to inform the poor lady taking drive-thru orders that "No, I did not want any specials, meals, or deals. I wasn't even ordering. Thank you very much, and Sorry for taking up your time"

And so ends my pursuit of the black van.
But hey! I had time to kill, and they had NO one to kill. So it all worked out well.

Taco Bell, Out!


Anna said...

OMG. I have ALWAYS wanted to do that (follow someone I mean, though pulling a prank on the drivethrough people could be good. Oh wait! I've done that "Hi, what would you like today?" "A cheeseburger with no cheese." "SO a hamburger?" "No. I want a cheeseburger with no cheese.") I am sure that the guys in the van were like "And why is there this teenager following us?" :)

carlinuxlearner said...

Haha! Oh wow, this made me laugh =D

McKenna Kate said...

Hahaha, totally something I would do if I could drive. :)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

LoL! Sounds like fun. :)

Rae Hitchings said...

It WAS fun :P
It was also funny, especially when I was going over it in my head afterwords. But while I was in the drive thru, I must admit that I turned slightly red and stuttered a bit XD haha

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