Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine and other such things...

Today is going to be a short update (I think =P), as very little has gone on since Sunday.
As you know, I wasn't doing well health wise, and I'm still not improved at all.
But I did have another IV therapy Monday afternoon, and will be having a second on Thursday morning. This is to be the routine for the next few weeks (2 per week), unless we head to the Ohio medical clinic soon. Dr. Guyer, the fibro/pain/IV therapy specialist, has a "second in command" if you will, his right hand man, Dr. Omgod (Yes..OMG XD). Dr. Omgod has insisted that only He and Dr. Guyer's head nurse will handle my therapies until Dr. Guyer himself can see me. Dr. Omgod is an MD, and helps run the very successful, internationally known medical practice that is Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine.
He doesn't usually take such up close and personal attention and interaction with the patients, especially new patients. But from the very first time I stepped into their facility in Nora, Dr. Omgod has not only gotten me comfortable in a room, grabbed me gatorades and foot stools, but he also personaly removes my IV needle, cleans up the blood, and places the tape and bandage on my arm once the IV drip is finished. He takes good care of me, and calls me himself (not through a nurse, like normal medical protocol,  if they do not expect the patient to call "if" there is a problem) to make sure that I am feeling alright and haveing no negative side effects. He's a good man, if quiet. I like him. A lot. His presence is calming, and it's nice to know that God has placed me in such good hands so early on in this next stage of my medical journey.

Sadly, though, the therapies have not helped as of yet. The good news is that they have not hurt. It's a bit terrible when you have to thank God and man for the miracle of no effects from a treatment, because they so often backfired and caused negative consequences. But that's my life right now...."Thank the Lord the IV therapy didn't make me feel bad"...not "Thank the Lord the IV therapy thelped." =P
Oh well.
Life goes on!

I didn't sleep Monday night, and suffice it to say, had to make it through the night by sitting almost catatonic on my bed, watching old episodes of Fringe or just "thinking". I put it in quotation marks because it was more like trying to remember how to think. The combination of drugs, sleep deprivation, and brain fog that is common to many fibro patient,s makes that symptom quite understandable. But still. I don't like losing part of my faculties. Another challenge for me to learn to handle, I guess. *sigh* I'm willing...but it will be hard.

Needless to say, today, Tuesday, was not my best day. I almost called off teaching, but decided against it. So off I went to drive for 40 minutes, teach for an hour, explaining the importance of a few pieces of memorized literature and film examples + an inquiring and speedy thought process when writing timed essay. Then I came home. It went alright, as I had enough "jitters" from not sleeping to garner enough "oomph" to carry my people face quite admirably.

Upon arriving home, I relaxed (well, crashed) for about an hour until my friend and "adoptive sister" Case dropped by. If it had been anyone but her, I probably would have said "no". But after 6 years together, how could I? I needed at least a little time with her since we hadn't seen each other in a while. So, for about an hour and a half, we talked face to face. I was fading fast, so she eventually left for my sake, but not before handing me a carved wooden box from the Renaissance Faire she just attended, and a handwritten letter. It makes me smile just thinking about it. =)

Then, after Case left (All too soon, friend wise, but definitely soon enough health wise), I was told I needed to take care of Michael while Mum and Dad went out to choose granite counter tops for our kitchen remodel. Two discipline sessions and many unpleasant conversations with a stubborn, fit throwing 3 year old later, I was in my room, praying that he would finally take a nap. It seems that Michael is at that "independent" stage where he doesn't wish to have anyone tell him what to do (kind of like the teenage years....only even stupider and more inexperienced XD), including, but not limited to, taking naps, being quiet, not playing, and staying put. =/
Needless to say, that put me in a bit of a bad mood. Being so exhausted and then having had my buttons pushed makes it understandable. But still.
Thankfully, I had my weekly "date" with Molly. We talk on the phone for about an hour and half every week, her calling me around 3:30 every Tuesday. I'm looking forward to seeing her on Friday if I can muster up enough energy and "healthful thoughts" *chuckle*. I miss her hugs!
BUT! I got two from Casey today, so at least my hug tank (family expression *grin*) was nice and warmly filled. ^_^

Now I'm sitting in my room, hoping to have my pain killers kick in so I can try to sleep. It's amazing how many drugs I can be on, and still feel this bad. It's like I have a permanent spike through my chest these days. Oh well.
On second thought, do any of you know of an "anti-spike" cream that I could use? *wink*
Nevermind. haha

I have a few of my promised letters started, and all I have to do is have enough presence of mind and  uninterupted time so that then, maybe, I can complete a few of them. That would be a nice thing to check off my to-do list.

Oh! There's a new drink I found, and it's quite lovely. It's called Guayaki Yerba Mate. It's a kind of tea and fruit infusion made in a gourd. I described Mate teas a little bit in my Tea post last week...or two weeks ago. I can't remember =P But this stuff is amazing. The one I'm drinking right now is called "Pure Heart: A Raspberry Revolution Blend". The green tea with hints with raspberry and cranberry extracts is far more delightful than I would have imagined. I'm hooked. The best part? It's super rich in antioxidants, and is completely organic. Score!

So, I will go back to listening to some awesome soundtracks. I'm mainly listening to ones with emphasised violin or cello (I'm BIG on cello solos in pieces right now) parts. It's quite good listening, let me tell you.

One last thing before I sign off for a bit. I have realized how much I am having to learn self control. The mood swings, the bodily urges to do various things or react certain ways, my inability to do homework or read books because of my body's issues, it all requires me to curb my natural tendencies and lay it at the Lord's feet. I can say that while I have not won all the battles, I am seeing procress. and the best part is that I have not won a battle on my own. It has always been with the Lord's strength and help, and only because I have focused on Him and asked.
Me, asking for help, is a major breakthrough. I am so very greatful for everything He has been teaching me over the past few months, and this is just one of the many areas that I have seen significant progress in, especially in my mindset towards it all.
Thank the Lord, eh?

Right then.
I'll talk to you all later, shall I?
I hope your day went well, and I will say a prayer for all of you before bed tonight.

Be Well!

Update I: I have not quite succeeded in controlling my irritability over the past few hours. Hence the hour and a half of mediation. My mind is a mess right now. It's hard to control it and shut it off. I pray I can sleep. I would even welcome such dreams as lounging whales/men in whale form (see older posts *chuckle*), if it meant sleep :P


Mizz Ali said...

short? haha

hope u feel better soon!

Rae Hitchings said...

Ok....so maybe not short XD
Sorry :P

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