Monday, October 25, 2010

Highlights: Visitations, French Vocalists and Relationships

My Muselings! Hi!!!

It's been two days since I've posted! I'm sorry!!!
I've been pretty tired, or busy, or forgetful. And that combination pretty much means no posting. =/
But! I am here to remedy that!
The past few days have been good! Molly and I are still enjoying our time together, I'm still writing good morning notes to her, and her hugs are amazing *happy smile* But that's not all that's gone on this weekend!
You see, my "other mother" and head of my accountability group, Jaime, came to visit me on Saturday. She brought me a shake and then sat and talked with me for a while. When she first arrived, she engaged Molly in a conversation too, much to Molly's surprise. I just stood back and smiled, as I knew Jaime would do that. She's awesome and accepting that way. She'll pretty much adopt Molly the next time she sees her. *chuckle*
By Saturday night, I knew that I wouldn't be able to make it out Sunday morning. I knew that I couldn't push myself that early, as I my body is telling me even more now that I can only push myself so far in the next few days without me having another relapse and/or major pain flair. Lucky me. So, surprise surprise, I didn't go to church. But I did spend time with Molly and her family that afternoon, even going out in her brother Bryce's Audi to the mall. We got Pumpkin Pie blizzards from DQ (Me finally getting my way to pay for Molly.) She protested and harumphed and complained as I knew she would. I enjoyed it even more that way, shoving the fiver into the cashier's hand as Molly placed her hands on her hips *grin*. I'm mean and vexing in a nice way! =D

My mum came over that evening too to deliver a gas card and some more spending money (since I'm living elsewhere and my parents pay for gas still ^_^ Their choice! Lucky me haha), a shake (thank goodness I'm not eating other food or I'd be gaining, not losing, weight XD), and some school girl charm and happiness at seeing me. We sat on the couch and talked for a fair bit before she had to leave to run a few more errands and then go home to grade papers for the science classes she teaches, although I would have gladly spent more time with her. I love my mommy so much!! She's an amazing woman. I hope to be like her some day *loving smile* It makes me happy just thinking about her ^_^
40 minutes or so after mum left, Molly got home from Youth Group and we spent some time together, just the two of us. Then we sat on each other's beds until 10:30, video chatting and IMing people. After Molly went to bed, I continued chatting, talked a bit on the phone with Casey, and then was awake until 5am. Uuuuuugh. I just couldn't get to sleep. My pain is also steadily increasing. It has been since Thursday. I'm just hoping I can put of the major flair until after I'm back in my house. I don't want Molly and her family to have to deal with that, if at all possible. But what happens happens.
Once I had signed out of G-chat, I wrote Molly her Good Morning note - #28! Almost to 30 now! After unsuccessfully trying to sleep last night once I slipped the note under Molly's door, I watched 4 episodes of Stargate: SG-1. I'm only in the middle of season 1, but I love it already. I tend to like sci-fi character dramas ever since I grew up on Start Trek: Next Gen *chuckle*. This series is better in some ways, even! But, if you are ever thinking of trying it, watch the 1996 movie "Stargate" first. It's pretty good as well!
I finally got to sleep by about 5.
At least I got some kind of sleep right? I was afraid I'd have a sleepless night - just what I needed. =/
The 3 hours was nap worthy, though. So it's all good.

Now I am finishing writing this post and listening to phenomenal vocalist Lara Fabian's cd's "9" and "Adagio". I love her voice and her range! My word! She's amazing, especially at the end of this song, "Je Suis Malade".

Now I'm going to write a letter, putz around my room for a bit, and then later, head out to go visit my adopted sister Casey. Friend's duty and all that. =)

One thing that's been on my heart recently is how you should put others before yourself. Especially those you profess to care about. They deserve all you have to give, so don't hold back. Sacrifice sleep, time, money, and even your health occasionally so that they know you will be there for them, and are to be trusted. Because once they give you that deep trust, you don't want to trifle with it.
So. Do you have a friend that you haven't called and talked to in a while? Do you have someone you love and promised friendship to that you haven't "taken care of" or given a token of your affection (a letter, a flower, a gift, a call, a visit) recently?
If so, then remedy that today, somehow. I promise you that it will be worth it. Relationships are the only thing that last in this world. Why? Because love is at the foundation of those relationships.
Show love today.
I'm going to try my best to do the same.

Be Well!


Casey Elizabeth Ruble said...

You are a better friend than I could have ever asked for, my dear. Can't wait to see you!!!

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