Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday: The First Day with My New Family

Mediation music playing in the background, limeade in a glass, my cactus, "Mr. Smooth", is sitting and seemingly staring at me for who knows what reason, and I'm back home from running errands with a smile on my face. And one of the best parts? It rained today!!! Welcome to My Marvelous Monday!

I actually got a bit of sleep last night, surprisingly enough. 1:30 to 4:30, 4:50 or so to 6:00, 6:00 to 8:00, and 8:00 to 10:00. So, it was closer to 2 hour shifts, or a number of consecutive two hour naps. Still. It was sleep of some form, right?

I got up at 10, gave molly a good morning hug, went to the kitchen and drank my morning V8, talked for an hour with Mrs. Crocker, and then went back to my room for some internet time =)
I just came across a new movie that I SOO want to see. As some of you know, I love Shakespeare. Well, I also really enjoy the movie Across the Universe. And director Julie Taymore has written the script for a new version of Shakespeare's last work, The Tempest!! Prospero is now a woman, Prospera, and it seems that both Actress Helen Mirren (A major classic and Shakespeare advocate herself) and Julie Taymore had the same idea and just happened to get into a conversation about The Tempest.
It's coming out December 10th, 2010. And I. Am. Going. To. See. This. Movie.
Health permitting. But I really really want to see it. Visually, it looks soooo very unique and awesome, with lots of great actors and killer special effects coupled with Shakespeare's timeless words. And did I mention Helen Mirren?! One of the world's best actresses, in my opinion. Also, I'm okay with them changing things around (I'm normally against such things!), as there have been numerous plays and movies of The Tempest. But this should be an epic retelling. Check it out!
"The Tempest (2010)" Watch the trailer too :P Please?

Okay. So, I discovered The Tempest while surfing through some sites and blogs this morning. Then, this afternoon, I went shopping, stopping in at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Marsh, and Whole Foods. =) YAY!
I actually ran into my mum at the Marsh, and it was quite funny. She had been out of her tea for 24 hours what with the move and everything. She was in withdrawal, and was pretty funny when she mentioned it, and then thought that they didn't carry her brand at that store. XD it makes me laugh! *chuckle*
Then I got back to the house, dealt with my groceries, and tried to lay down for a few minutes until Molly and her Mum got back from Drama class. No sleep for me, it seems. So, I was awake and reading/writing a bit when they got back.

From then on it was mostly talking, laughing, and friends. Molly's friend Laura came over (A friend of mine too :D). We had lots of fun, worked unsuccessfully to stop laughing and keep quiet, and then walked in the rain (RAIN!!) when Molly and I walked Laura back to her house. Molly's oldest brother, Bryce, also stopped by for a few minutes. Altogether, it was quite a lovely evening, and a good, slightly productive day *grin*
Now I just have to actually sleep tonight, as I have to get up at 9 tomorrow. Late for most of you, yes. But most of you don't stay up till 4 or not sleep at all quite regularly, need at least 8 hours (doctors orders), and have numerous medical conditions. So, 9 may be a bit of hardship *deep sigh* Oh well. I'll survive. I always do. I have to finish some grading and such for my tutoring/teaching tomorrow from 10:30 to 11:30. Then I get to have lunch/drinks with my mommy *contented smile*. After that, I go home again, home again, jiggity jig. A bit of a rest, and then Molly and I will keep our weekly phone date of 3:30. Yes. Even though we now live in the same house. It's a date! We can't break it! =D haha Who knows what will happen later. I'll let you know what transpires.

For now, I will try to sleep. If I can't, I'll probably watch an episode of SG-1 or one of the two newest episodes of the South Korean Show "Playful Kiss". I love that show ^_^
I hope you all had a good day, and get some rest! I will dream about my new family. And thankfully, it will all be good. I'm quite blessed to have a sister in Molly. Quite blessed, and I won't forget it. Ever. And you all, I wish you lived around here. Then you could meet her too. A Molly fanclub? I think so! =D

Be Well!
-Rae, the Happy One


Amy said...

You sound like you're having a great time, and I hope your health gets better, or at least you start to feel better!

As for being an e-pal/ pen pal, that would be totally AWESOME! It's hard to always talk to my friends here, because we all go to different universities, so the most we can do is a long Facebook post, or a short email.

Have a good day!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Haha, sign me up!! Even though, you know, I don't even know her....bah. Details.

Rain! Rain, rain, the magical....drops? Yeah, I got nothing.

Good luck with your sleeping-and have fun tomorrow!! (That's an order, in case you didn't know....)

Rae Hitchings said...

Amy - Then "pals" we will be! Which would you prefer? E-pal or pen pal? Or shall we try E-pal first and then graduate to pen pal? I don't care. They're both good! ^_^ I'm glad to give you something AMAZING haha

And I AM having a great time. Molly is great, as is her family. I also DID get to see my mommy and littlest brother and my sister today *smile* It was nice!

Feeling better would also be nice. But since I've been choosing to be happy, and I have great excuses to BE happy, I feel good in my heart, soul and mind =D

Dani - If I create a Blog about Molly, would you read it? (Followers would be the "Fan club") =P And from what I know of you, I think we ALL would get along well *grin*

"Rain Rain, the magical drops
They fall from sky with great big plops!
A Drip!
A Drop!
It never stops!
It made my dog look like a mop!

Sleep hasn't been readily available to me, but at least, when I do sleep, I sleep deeply (I think. Either that or I just pass out from complete exhaustion =P)

*Salutes* Yes Ma'am! I WILL have fun! I HAVE had fun! I Shall CONTINUE to obey.

*Marches off*....*wink*

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