Sunday, October 17, 2010

Moving #2: Stuffing

My word. I am just realizing how much I actually have to stuff into one suitcase and two to three other bags 0.o
Seriously. It's a lot. But, then again, I'm lucky I have most of my music on my computer, or it would be a lot more =P You see, I listen to a ton of music. I did even before I was home/room/bed bound for weeks on end. But these days, as I can't read all that much, leave the house much, etc...etc..., I listen to music almost non-stop. I have to have my silent times, yes. But music always comes on in a couple hours - max. I also have a massive music collection. My sister recently had to wipe her Ipod due to some software issues, and because we recently had to wipe her main computer due to a virus (along with the music on it), she was afraid that she had lost hundreds of dollars worth of her music. Well, here I come, toting my laptop, and we spend two hours going through some of my music (she's not interested in more than half of the stuff I have =P). It seems that I have full cd's of her favorite artists, whereas she only had a few songs here and there. I officially became her person of the week *chuckle*, as I supplied her with 8 cd's to take with her to the temporary housing to put back on her ipod, and to listen to on her boombox. Her smile lasted for hours afterwords. It was awesome.

Now, I don't know how many hundreds, probably thousands of dollars worth of music I have. I don't want to count and do all the research required to figure that you. You know why?
Probably because I have 90GB of music. 90! That's a lot, methinks =P And I'm always on the hunt for more. ALWAYS. So, check back with me a few days after Christmas, and I may have 20 or more GB of new music *chuckle*

I'm moving tonight!!!
I'm actually kind of excited, although that nagging feeling of insecurity and panic is still there. But thankfully, staying at the Crockers means that I am surrounded by familiar streets and stores, am near my doctors, etc..., plus I have Molly to keep me company =) Rest assured, she will be able to get schoolwork done. With my erratic and off sleep schedule, meaning I am usually awake much of the night and asleep most of the morning and shut away in my room until after 12 or so, it should be fine. But we'll get to watch movies together, talk for hours, drink hot  chocolate together, etc...
It also means I'll have someone to dote on for TWO WEEKS. Starbucks. Flowers. Notes. Presents. The lot. My smile is huge just thinking about it. I. love. giving. people. gifts. Really. Doting is my specialty XD haha
Just ask my friends. And the best part is that I don't expect that stuff in return. Now, letters I do like to have returned. But one letter for ever two or three letters I send is fine. Gifts though, definitely not. I love giving, far more than I like receiving. I mean, who doesn't like getting stuff? That's not the problem. It's it just that giving is so much more fun and cool and rewarding and "feel good" than getting. And now I will have Molly for two weeks, and I'm ecstatic about it.
She says she's excited to have a Big Sister in the house. And I'm excited to have a new Younger Sister who also happens to be a best friend (I have a few =P). There's little else this world offers that's better than that. ^_^

I'm happy.
And then I look at my room, which is slightly like a looted house....discarded clothes on the floor, books shuffled haphazardly through, cd's stacked oddly, and bags scattered hither and thither. Lovely.

Now I shall return to my packing, desperately searching for that bag that I could have sworn was bigger than the one currently in my hand, and work to remember everything that I need. At least I know all the medications are packed. And right now, those are slighty important. Yes. I like sarcasm. Deal with it. *grin* I'm starting to feel a little sick to my stomach thinking about all that still needs to be done, and the reality of it all, but I'll be fine.
♫ Just keep packing! Just keep packing! ♪

Be Well!

Oh! And speaking of music, I'm currently (as in, have been for the past few hours and while I've been writing this post) listening to a new collection of music that I recently aquired: The Covers Collection. It's 500 covers of popular songs by new artists. One that was interesting, but that I don't think I will listen to again, was Britney Spears covering Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'n Roll". Now, I really enjoy the original song. I have all of the Runaways music (The first band Joan Jett was a part of), and all of her other band, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts', music. But Britney doing a pseudo pop-rock version of it kind of irks me, in a funny way *laugh*
Anyway. I'll let you guys know on Saturday what songs I like. Because Saturday's Sounds this next week will be my mix of Covers. Any suggestions of good covers that you've found?


Eleanor Roscuro said...

On BBC Radio One, there's a show called the Live Lounge, where different artists come in and do acoustic covers of different songs. Most of them are brilliant! I recommend you check it out. (I should have said something like 'Check it!' to make myself seem more hip. Or something. Anyway.)

Eleanor Roscuro

Rae Hitchings said...

Thank you, oh hip one! *grin*
I just checked out a few of the artists that have performed from 2006 to 2008, and decided to get the collection. So, I'm downloading volume's 1-3 that I just bought online of Radio 1's Live Lounge ^_^
Check it. XD


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Haha, a true music junkie! Love it. :)

Good luck with your packing!

Rae Hitchings said...

Yes. Music Junkie is a good description of me! =) And I like it!!

And thanks. I'm still looking for that one elusive bag...


Amy said...

I love sending and receiving letters too. I wish I had a pen pal, or an e-pal, but sadly I don't really know anyone outside of Canada.

Rae Hitchings said...

Why don't you write letters with your friends IN canada? I do that with a number of people in the States. I mean, I even started a letter journal with my friend Molly, and we see each other often, and talk every day. But we write letters back and forth in a journal, swapping it so we can put pictures and extras in with it to. You could try that.

And I'd be happy to be a pen pal, letter or email form =P


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