Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hello my Muselings!
So, today I feel like I should set up some basic parameters for this blog, based on my health. You see, I had originally planned the blog to go something like this:

Sunday = Health in Focus
Monday = Updates/Thoughts (U/T)
Tuesday = U/T
Wednesday = U/T
Thursday = Deep Thinkers (Impactful Men and Women and what we can learn from their lives, works and examples)
Friday = Friday Funnies
Saturday = Saturday Sounds

But, I fear, because I am severely limited in my reading, information intake, etc... abilities right now. It seems that processing new information is getting harder and harder for me, especially in written form. I have no problem taking what is already inside my head and putting it down though. It's a form of "brain fog", or the inability of the brain to perform tasks that were once easily accomplished. I'm just lucky I can write still.
So, instead of the above schedule, I will be trying to keep up with the following:

Sunday = Updates/Thoughts (U/T)
Monday = U/T
Tuesday = U/T
Wednesday = U/T
Thursday = U/T
Friday = Friday Funnies
Saturday = Saturday Sounds

More like any regular blog, really. But I feel kind of bad, having set goals for myself that I am now having to renege on. Oh well. If that's one of the harder things for me to give up right now, I'm doing well *chuckle*
So, the next post today will be an Update and Thoughts on Life post, which I hope will bring you up to speed medically and on one area of though. Keep checking throughout the day if it doesn't show up right after this.

If there are any special requests for posts, or specific music artists, albums, genres etc... for my Saturday Sounds or for a weekday review, let me know. I can also answer funny questions you have for me or tell "embarrassing" stories according to what you ask.
So, if you have any requests, please don't hesitate. I can even post some of my poetry for you all if you so wish.
Alright then. There's the update on what Musings is going to be like for the next few weeks and months. I'll try my best to keep posting at regular intervals!

Be Well!


Calandreya said...

I love poetry. If you feel like sharing some, I'd definitely read it. If you don't, no worries.

Oddyoddyo13 said...


"Muselings" that. :)

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