Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday: People People!

So, today I woke up quite tired. I hadn't gotten much sleep. Maybe 4, or even a more slim possibility of 5 hours. But still. It was sleep. I woke up, noticed it was rainy again (Oh Goody!!), lay in bed for two or three minutes, then got up and took a shower. A hello hug for Molly, and then we were both sitting at the kitchen table, me drinking my breakfast, and Molly eating hers. A quick grading period where I graded the paper I owed my writing student today, and then I left for the Library. Sadly, I was a couple of minutes late. But that's ok. We got in our hour of teaching.
But. I have something exciting to tell you all!

Til what? You might ask. Til nothing. 21 minutes for my student Essie to write a complete 5 paragraph SAT essay with three examples, a hook, a solid opening and closing paragraph, and 5 long paragraphs, in 21 minutes, with time to go over her essay and make corrections. She then had a minute and a half left until the 25 minute timer went off!!! AHHH! Andrew Puduwa, the renowned writing coach, teacher, and speaker, says that's almost impossible to write 4 paragraphs, let alone 5 in that amount of time and still get everything you need written down and supported etc.. And she pulled off the near impossible! I usually get done on tests like that at least 5 minutes early. But she had never felt that feeling of satisfaction with time left over. It actually made Essie feel Awkward. But SHE DID IT!!! YAY!! My methods worked! She was teachable! God provided and inspired!

So, if she can just get a perfect or near perfect score on HER SAT, then my perfect score and hers as testaments to my methods will be nice promoters for my tutoring business. I'm excited. ESSIE DID IT! =D =D =D I'm so proud of her! Seriously. SOOO excited! haha

Anyway. After tutoring, I called my mum and arranged to meet her at Panera. We had only seen each other briefly at the chance meeting in the grocery store, and mum wanted to spend some time with me and see how I was doing. So I got a pumpkin spice latte and a bowl of creamy tomato soup, while mum got the tuna salad sandwich. It smelled good. I was only able to eat maybe half of my soup before I felt too sick to continue. But at least it was more nausea, and only a bit of pain. My mum and I got to sit and talk for about an hour, and it was lovely. We had a nice date together. I ordered an extra Pumpkin Spice to take back to Molly, but drove up to the co-op to say Hi to my brother Michael and sister Sarah when mum picked Michael up from preschool. I missed him so much, and he had obviously missed me! When he saw me, his dimples grew sooo huge and pronounced when he smiled. I can't remember the last time he was so visibly happy. Running, Michael then jumped into my arms, buried his head in my shoulder, and then gave me a number of wet but loving smooches. *Cue the collective "Awwwe!"* He held on, giving me hug after hug and kiss after kiss, and asking me when my "sleepover" would be done so I could live with him again. =( So sad and sweet at the same time. I told him two weeks, and he looked down at the ground like a hurt puppy.

Two hugs from Sarah's friend Tory (a loud but loving girl! =D) and one from my sister Sarah, who ran up to me as well, and Mum and I were on our way out of the building and heading to her car. Michael held my hand and kept snuggling it against his cheek as he skipped along his merry little way. Then things got sad. He wanted a few more hugs. And then he didn't want me to leave. When I headed two cars over to my little Honda Civic, Michael's piteous cry of "Don't leave me!!!" came my way. Oh how my heart felt like breaking. So I go back, snuggle him in his seat, and promise to visit for a few hours and spend some quality time with him up at his house (The temporary house). He mumbled "Ok", but only looked at the floor. It was one of the most dejected, pitiful things I've ever seen. And that's saying something. But maybe it was more my perception of it because I felt his pain too. I missed my brother like crazy! I don't know exactly what to call it, but Michael and I have a special bond, one that is not easily broken, and constantly reminds us of our love for each other. So, Thursday, Friday or Saturday I'll head up to Noblesville and visit with my fambly (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose. Fam-bly. Say it. It's a family term that we use often =P). It should be nice.

Eventually I was able to get back home (The Crocker's), and give molly a hug and the Pumpkin Spice Latte I picked up for her. Thankfully, it was still warm. That was 1:30 or so. For the rest of the afternoon, I surfed the internet, got in an hours nap (maybe), although I laid in bed far longer, walked a little ways to a church parking lot to sit and fill out a medical history survey for my new doc while Molly shot some hoops and ran some laps, and then she and I sat down at the dinner table with her parents.

Other than the fambly time *wink*, this is the bestest part! molly and I got to sit and snuggle next to each other for hours. We swapped music, both mp3s, youtube videos and the like. We showed each other pictures of ourselves, our friends, and our talents...well, more like Molly's talent. I don't take pictures, and Molly is brilliant with the camera. One of the few differences between us. Still. I'm not sure it counts, as I want to learn photography REALLY badly. We'll just have to see about that one =P The snuggle was nice, but we both agreed that we need to plan an actual evening where we just get to sit that way together, talking for hours, and maybe even having Molly sleep in my room for an actual "sleepover". Since I don't sleep much at night anyways, it shouldn't be a problem *chuckle*

Have I mentioned that I love my Molly? *everyone nods* Okay-okay! Yes! I know! But I will continue to say it. I love that girl to death! And with each new day, it grows and grows and grows! God knew what he was doing when he made it possible for me to stay here with her. Now I just wish I had my Casey AND my Molly in the same house. BUT, that might be possible soon. Or, at least, having them together. Each wants to meet the other, so I think I'll treat them to starbucks and then we can all talk and meet and enjoy each other's company.

As it is, I think today went wonderfully. I'm exhausted, to such a degree that you have to build up a tolerance to it. If anyone was hit with the exhaustion I feel all at once without a steady slow buildup, they would not survive, methinks. Sadly though, the feeling is all to common. Thus, with everything else that went on with my family and my "family", the sleep doesn't factor, and the day is ranked as awesome.

I love you all, my readers! And I'll try to keep you updated soon.
Is there any topic (biblical, if you can) that you'd like me to give my opinion on sometime? Or a question you might have to ask me?
Please. If you read this, ask me one question, maybe even something you'd never say face to face, or a question that you've always wanted to ask someone but never had the guts to. So, ask away. That is my assignment. It is also payment for the next post =P And yes, you can ask anything, and I will honestly answer it. So fire away, my Muselings. I want to reap the harvest of your mind's musings!

Be Well!
-Rae *big smile*


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Twenty one minutes...I am in AWE. Good job teach!!

Amy said...

Hey Rae! We can start with e-pals for now. I'll post my email here (and don't worry about security stuff, because I've got so many emails that the one I'm giving you is a regular, but not main one). I check it every day though.

And wow for writing an essay in such a short time. That is what I call supergirl.

Have a great day!

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