Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eating, Dancing and Making....Visits

Fountain Square Marquee in 2008.
Hello my Muselings!
I have another update for you all :)
First, let's start out with the bad news.

Yesterday I ate maybe 400 calories....if that. Since Monday, the nausea has kept me from eating much of anything. I missed breakfast because of my fast for the blood draws, tried some lunch (I felt so sick for hours afterwords) and couldn't eat dinner yesterday.
This morning, when trying to eat at least a little something, two bites made me feel terrible. *sigh* It turns out that most of those 4 pounds I lost since I last saw the doctor were from the first part of this week alone....about a pound a day *cringe* Which is not really good. My health teacher would be unhappy with the situation  <_<  Sooo, she's not going to know haha
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