Monday, August 30, 2010

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another...

Ok. So, for those of you who read my earlier post ("You can't be serious....No Freakin' way!"), I told you all that I was going to see the doctor this afternoon. Well, I did. And it wasn't the best news.

It seems that one of the main reasons for my digestive issues (inability to tolerate solids or liquids in my stomach, little water-reclamation in digestive tract, etc. etc.) was because I have a kidney infection.
When my doctor was looking at my most recent blood panel, his forehead creased and his eyes widened. " did you get such bad results?!" he said, staring at the deceptively harmless looking numbers and graphs on his screen. It turns out that right now I am far sicker than I have ever been before.
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You can't be serious....No Freakin' Way!

Ok. So, I have to start out with the observation that people in wheelchairs get lots of sympathy smiles. Period.

Now, I have to explain myself :P

Saturday night I felt so bad that I packed a bag to take to the hospital with me should that become necessary...I was beginning to think it was. But I tried to hold it together that night. I almost crawled to get my mum at 1:40 am, but thought better of it. So, I waited until 11:20 Sunday morning when mum was in the middle of church service to call her and say "I need you to come home and take me to the"
I guess I must have left the "hospital" part out, because mum comes home with jello, gatorade, an such stuffs.It turns out that she was hoping I didn't have to go to the hospital. But, seeing as I was collapsed in a chair counting the seconds until I could see the sign for "Emergency Room", we decided to go for it.

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