Tuesday, September 7, 2010

*Sigh* Life, Right?

Ok. So my friends are weird. It's pretty much a given if I spend any kind of extended time with them. Meh. They're more interesting!

But first, I'll update you on my life....
It's boring and exciting and ordinary at the same time. *shrug*
Let me explain.

Monday, I was "partly bedridden". I couldn't get out of bed much Sunday, had to miss church, and of course, carried over my pain and exhaustion to monday. BUT! The good news is that I can rally myself for an occasion. At 1:03 monday afternoon, my brother Matt (15) knocked on my door saying Dad was busy, He had to do finish his geometry homework so he could call up his friend Lewis and help him do HIS math, and Mum and Sarah (13) were out shopping. I now had Michael duty - or, watching the 3 year old, your eyes on him every second :P
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