Friday, September 24, 2010

"Getting to know you"

Hello everyone! This is a very simple post.
Why? Because I only have one subject. =)
I've noticed that I get about 50+ visits to my page per day now (and I only have 18 official followers :P)
So I would like to get to know my readers!
Introduce yourself!
Your name,
your blog (if you have one),
your country,
and a favorite thing to do in your free time.
Oh! And two more things:
1) any particular subject, thing, etc... that you would like me to blog on, if you have such a wish
2) What you have found most encouraging or engaging on Musings (i.e. what keeps you coming back for more :P)

These will help me both know you, AND help Musings get better as she she grows older. :)

So speak up!
Let me know you're here!
I'd like to know you, oh shadow people!

Your very interested Inty (Internet friend),
-Rae <3 Read more ""Getting to know you"..."
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