Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday, and more bad news

Hello everyone.
It seems that as I am getting worse physically, and am not sure how long I can continue without further medical assistance, that I'm having to take it very easy. Emphasis on "very". I'm afraid that means that I won't be doing any more research for today's Health in Focus, so that's going to have to wait at least another week. I apologize.
As I described in my facebook status very briefly, I feel like my chest is being ripped in two, a spike is stuck from my chest through to my spine, I can't walk very well, or very far, I'm dizzy, am losing my balance and ability to walk straight, have no energy, and have a fluctuating internal body temperature, heart rate, and mental coherence. I'm on 10mgs of the strongest narcotic on the market every four hours, and that, plus my 4 other pain killers, are only dulling the pain enough to function as well as I currently am...which is quite sad, actually.
So, yes. Not good.

But just so you know, things are not doing very well in the treatment areas either...or still =/. If my two specialists and my specialist/regular doc, Dr. Fetters, can't come up with an aggressive plan of action in the next two days, then we may be heading to a special Fibromyalgia clinic in Ohio a month sooner than we anticipated. Nothing so far has worked. The cortisol shots crippled me for days, and, instead of offering pain relief, caused me more pain, especially under the shoulder caps where they did 2 of the 4 injections. The IV therapy didn't work either.
So now, with limited movement and severe pain and exhaustion triggered by the slightest amount of activity, I'm pretty much confined to my bed. But, today's a bad day. Hopefully I will have a few "better" days this week. Still...if you could keep me in your prayers, also praying that the doctors can find something...ANYTHING to help me, that would be great.

That's really all I have the energy to type up at the moment.
I'll work on keeping you updated. You can always go back and listen to yesterday's Indie Music playlist if you wish...It'll be another week (hopefully) before I post the next Saturday Sounds. This coming Saturday's pick? Symphonic Metal. That came at the request of a friend of mine. Yes Carl, he asked before you inquired about soundtracks =P Just be patient. Classic Rock, Cello, New Age, Piano, Improv, Musical Comedy Sketches, and your beloved Soundtracks will be premiering on their own special Saturdays soon enough.

So good evening, my dear friends. I hope your day was wonderful, and I'll be praying for you all!

-Rae Read more "Sunday, and more bad news..."
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