Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine and other such things...

Today is going to be a short update (I think =P), as very little has gone on since Sunday.
As you know, I wasn't doing well health wise, and I'm still not improved at all.
But I did have another IV therapy Monday afternoon, and will be having a second on Thursday morning. This is to be the routine for the next few weeks (2 per week), unless we head to the Ohio medical clinic soon. Dr. Guyer, the fibro/pain/IV therapy specialist, has a "second in command" if you will, his right hand man, Dr. Omgod (Yes..OMG XD). Dr. Omgod has insisted that only He and Dr. Guyer's head nurse will handle my therapies until Dr. Guyer himself can see me. Dr. Omgod is an MD, and helps run the very successful, internationally known medical practice that is Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine.
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