Monday, October 11, 2010

Poetry: Friends

Some of you asked to see some of the poems I have written. I haven't written very many, but this one, "Friends", is very special. I wrote it for my friend Casey in a time of trial. Now it is a symbol of how I view friendship, and my approach to the people I call my friends. I have been very blessed to have such loving and dedicated friends. Lately, God has blessed me far beyond measure, and my cup is overflowing. My hope is that this poem will give you all just a taste of that....


By Rae Hitchings

The wispy waves of o'er
In time gone back to first
Through trials, famine, loss
The steadfast ones stand firm

Their piercing eyes of depth
Their keen true hearts of gold
Beat one with mine and yours
With us through highs and lows

As time winds forw'ds again
The life we live proceeds
Unending trials faced
Yet all with someone sees

We need them, yes, yet are them.
We want, yet give ourselves
Their names we all know well
And will forevermore

For such is our life time
To give each other hope
And through all tears and hurts
They give us hands to hold

They fight and fight for our sake's worth
Through fiery bitter tears
They labor quiet, in the dark
To show how much they feel

These people as we know,
Present themselves to hear
Our hurts our wants, to dry our tears
They wish to hear our fears

Through everything aboundeth
An ever present force
A mighty hold does bind us
That which ensnares our hearts

I speak of our own friends
These people Oh so dear
We have a claim on them
As both have tread the years

Togetherness now binds us
Without them we are lost
Through time we do so wander
Yet friends, sweet friends are ours.


Be Well!
-Re Read more "Poetry: Friends..."


Right. So I didn't update yesterday. I apologize. Figuring out our schedules and logistics for when we move out of our house on Saturday are taking up some time. But other than that, there's been no major developments.
The doctors are still just trying to get some some kind of relief. The IV therapy doesn't seem to be doing anything at present, so we're going to back off to once a week.

My results for the Heavy Metal Poisoning test came back, but here's the odd part. The nurse called to let us know they were in, but she wouldn't say what they were over the phone. Just that there was something abnormal. Dr. Fetters moved up our appointment with him by two weeks because he wanted to see us THIS week (it's unusual for him to dictate a new appointment), and he has been doing a lot of talking with the head of the testing facility that handled my samples and sent him the results. Supposedly the head doctor there is very adept at coming up with specific medicine regimes for the patient based on their results. But we are a bit worried that our nurse couldn't even tell us if I had the poisoning or not.
Abnormal just doesn't satisfy us, you know?

I still can't eat, although I can do the occasional broth/soup (without any chunks in it), ice cream, and shake. It nice to have that variety once in a while. I can also tell that I'm now "addicted" to the pain killer Narco....I feel terrible (more than normal) and sick to my stomach if I don't take it. Detox is going to be awful =/

Still. Even though things are not going my way medically, I have loving friends and family. Michael has given me numerous hugs today, and will shout my name, dashing to my side, whenever he hasn't seen me in a while. It's rare to see so much pure love and joy on a child's face. I am so very blessed =)

Tomorrow (Tuesday), a man will be coming to test the air quality of our house. The reason we are having the kitchen torn out is because of mold growth, and my mum is wondering if that mold is a potential aggravator of my symptoms. So I have to be out of my room by 8 tomorrow to let him test. Thankfully, it will only take a few minutes. I don't expect the mold to be a factor, but I could be wrong.

While I've been bedridden, I've been watching the show Fringe. I watched the first two seasons over the past two weeks, and just watched the latest aired episode from season 3 today. It is AMAZING. I love that show.  Some of you know that I really enjoy X-Files. I mean really-really. I've seen all 9 seasons, watched special features, etc... etc...
Well, Fringe is a cross between X-Files, the Twilight Zone, and the alternate universe stuff from Stargate (show and movie). If you like the weird and the freaky with compelling characters and a story that progresses fast, intricately, and interestingly, then try Fringe. The first few episodes are kind of gross, I must admit. But if you get past that, it's one heck of a show. I'm so glad I tried it, as Fringe is now one of my all-time favorites. For those of you who have seen it, what do you think?

Alright. I would type more, but I have a serious headache. Bed and sleep sound really good right now. I haven't been sleeping much, so I hope sleep is an option. I'll try to keep you updated, hopefully on some of the things I have been learning and realizing as of late. God hasn't been silent, and neither have the circumstances that I have been forced into, and I would like to share it with you all.

I'll say a prayer for all of you readers tonight, and hope that you all find the next few days to be productive, and enlightening. And remember. Give someone an unexpected smile, hug, or compliment. You never know. You could make their day.

Be Well!
-Rae Read more "Again?..."
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