Sunday, October 17, 2010

Moving #3: Settling

 So, Here I am.
At the Crockers
Sitting in bed.
Typing on my computer named George.
The Crocker's fish is also named George.
George is a good name.
And no, I'm not drugged.
The pain killers haven't quite kicked in yet XD.
My family travels like gypsies. Or Basket Cases. You may call us what you will, as long as it includes crazy and/or nomadic "Carry anything you need to survive for years". You see, we carry everything with us when we go, because you never know what you might need. We over-pack and often cause ourselves undue stress and grief because of it, yet are always the life savers when other people need things. When we go camping, my family packs our car full to the brim with the kid's stuff on their laps, and our trailer full to bursting. Tents, suitcases upon suitcases, mini grills, griddles, stoves and the like, plus an extensive medical kit and accoutrement make up part of it. But then you have the cool stuff, like guns for the shooting range, compasses, night vision goggles, fold out tables (Yes. It's "cool". It's so you don't have to use benches...try sitting at one with an unknown wasp nest nestled underneath. THAT'LL send you to the foldable tables, let me tell ya!), fishing supplies, instruments ranging from 6 and 12 string acoustics to small drums to triangles to many other rhythm stuffs, and on and on. We have fun, especially, when we have 6 to 10 large families camping right next to each other, singing songs around the campfire, my dad (and sometimes another musician) playing guitar and all the young kids playing the other instruments from our box. Getting lost while hiking. Almost getting stuck in caves. And every person eventually coming to our campsite to get some kind of medical supply to help. It's only when we have to leave that we again question the decision to take so much freakin stuff!!!!! AHH!!!

All that to illustrate our propensity to pack a Loooot.... "Just in case". Camping trips are usually less than a week. More like a weekend. So. Think bout that. A full car and a full trailer for a weekend. Now. Think about us emptying our house (also filled with the same "just in case" tendencies) for the workmen coming in Monday morning, along with school supplies, food, and clothing for TWO WEEKS. So, multiply the camping experience by 10 fold, and you have the general atmosphere of gathering and stuffing and hauling that's gone on the past two days. My Honda Civic was stuffed with my suitcases, bags and such. Then we had two minivans for the 5 of them, plus the stuffed trailer. And we had already made a trip up to the "house" with another full minivan (with only two people in it this time....Yes. THAT full).
We might as well live in that house for a year...oh wait. We didn't pack enough for all the things that could happen in a year! Oh my goodness!!!! *grin* It's a family thing. And people make fun of us for. Like when I go to Myrtle Beach or Awana Camp: "Wow! You packed ALL that? You're nuts!" But who do they come to when they need something? I pack books for answering their questions, writing tools for them to write home, extra toothpastes and cover up and medicines when they run out or forget. I have extra journals and notebooks for them to take notes if they forget. I pack more shirts and pants than absolutely necessary, and I even have to loan them out occasionally because someone was in an emergency. So will I change my habits? I don't think so.
Even looking around at the room that I have truly "made my own", and thinking about how in the world I will find a way to pack everything again and remember everything, I don't regret my decision for "extravagance". I will handle it in stride. And enjoy every pleasurable thing that I brought just for the heck of it. The top of what was a clear dresser now has a floral patterned scarf opened up to act as a lovely covering for it. My cactus, Mr. Smooth, is sitting next to a lamp. My nice green and brown pattered box (photo boxes from the craft stores converted into basic storage for anything! They're awesome room accents!) with all my medicines hides them nicely and adds to the decor. Next to that is a carved wood floral box that Casey just bought me at the Renaissance Faire, with a picture sitting on top of it of the two of us and poem she wrote about me sitting.
On the desk are a number of books, most so that I can take quotes and ideas for Musing's posts or letters, plus my large leather and wood box of writing supplies, books for tutoring, a handmade Turkish Mortar and Pestle for an accent and to hold my two green and maroon feather pens, a picture of me and my littlest brother Michael, a small box with my metal nib pens, and a couple note card boxes. Sound like I "made myself at home"?
You betcha!

So, right now I'm listening to BBC 1's Live Lounge volumes 1-3 that I got today because of Eleanor Roscuro's suggestion on Moving #2: Stuffing. I have a pore cleansing pad stuck to my nose, a bottle of water next to my bed, and the music of Florence and the Machine, Paramore, Leeland and Downhere playing in my head. I'm also thinking about watching an episode of SG-1 and eating some ice cream, since sleep is not coming to me yet. But best of all is one phrase, and you what that is? Life is good.
I'm happy.
I'm free.
I'm moved.
And I'm home.


Be Well!
-Rae Read more "Moving #3: Settling..."

Moving #2: Stuffing

My word. I am just realizing how much I actually have to stuff into one suitcase and two to three other bags 0.o
Seriously. It's a lot. But, then again, I'm lucky I have most of my music on my computer, or it would be a lot more =P You see, I listen to a ton of music. I did even before I was home/room/bed bound for weeks on end. But these days, as I can't read all that much, leave the house much, etc...etc..., I listen to music almost non-stop. I have to have my silent times, yes. But music always comes on in a couple hours - max. I also have a massive music collection. My sister recently had to wipe her Ipod due to some software issues, and because we recently had to wipe her main computer due to a virus (along with the music on it), she was afraid that she had lost hundreds of dollars worth of her music. Well, here I come, toting my laptop, and we spend two hours going through some of my music (she's not interested in more than half of the stuff I have =P). It seems that I have full cd's of her favorite artists, whereas she only had a few songs here and there. I officially became her person of the week *chuckle*, as I supplied her with 8 cd's to take with her to the temporary housing to put back on her ipod, and to listen to on her boombox. Her smile lasted for hours afterwords. It was awesome.

Now, I don't know how many hundreds, probably thousands of dollars worth of music I have. I don't want to count and do all the research required to figure that you. You know why?
Probably because I have 90GB of music. 90! That's a lot, methinks =P And I'm always on the hunt for more. ALWAYS. So, check back with me a few days after Christmas, and I may have 20 or more GB of new music *chuckle*

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Moving #1: Packing

So, Saturday, the Wells family came over to our house to help move all our furniture, box up all the plates, gasses, and everything else in our cupboards, empty drawers, take down pictures and paintings, shift bookcases, prepare for the house makeover commencing Monday morning. Me? Well, I was down for the count for most of the day. My energy is almost nill at this point, so the stairs are a calculated effort. But, I did manage to make a nice long...long...slightly long list of the things I need to pack for the two+ weeks we will be out of the house.
I will be staying with with some family friends, the Crockers. Molly's family. My synonym. My sister. My friend. Or Blondie if you prefer*grin*. It should be fun =) I'm looking forward to staying with her, although it will be quite rough on me to be out of my house, around other people, and on a different schedule. I'm just praying that I survive physically. Hear that, God? Yes, thank you! ^_^

Now I'm left with actually doing the packing. *chuckle* The clothes are sitting on standby. The medications are lined up on my headboard. My suitcase and various bags are open and awaiting their allotted accoutrement.
So, I will turn up my Fiona Apple, Imogen Heap, Florence + the Machine, and maybe even some Electric Light Orchestra while I try and do something truly productive.

Oh! And since my old-old phone had been acting up as of late, and my mum wants reliable communication with me, her sick daughter, living at someone else's house for two weeks, I had my purple Motorola Rival slider phone activated. Yay! That makes me happy too. A new place of residence. A "new" phone. A new routine. A new treatment plan. And, eventually, "new" house. Maybe we can throw in a few new and improved diagnosis: as in, "you're not really as sick as we told you! You were just in a double blind psychological test that you passed admirably! You'll be well by the end of the week!" Or maybe not. But hey! I can dream! And I can make even government funded, double blind, illegal psych "the world is your laboratory" testing sound positive and desirable! XD haha

Okay. So I had better get to packing, or this post will really be just a procrastination tool. I have trouble doing things before the absolute, final deadline. And that deadline is doing it all Sunday afternoon =P Hey! Maybe I'll be in a "new" anti-Major Procrastinator mood!...or not. *laugh*

I'll update you guys Sunday afternoon as to how the packing is truly coming.
I may even make a major effort to go to church tomorrow...but that may mess up my first two days in a new environment, which would not be good. I'll think and pray about that one.

So. Who's seen the newest Fringe episode: "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?"?

Be Well!
-Rae Read more "Moving #1: Packing..."
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