Bible Study

I'll come up with a killer design for this page in the following weeks. But for now, I'll just put down what I'm studying.

Book of the Bible:
Anything else the HS guides me to read

Devotional Books:
Drummond's Addresses - by Henry Drummond
Abundant Living - by E. Stanley Jones

I WAS doing a bit in Ezekiel. I got through chapter 3 and part of chapter 4. But then I joined a bible study that was going through James. It was AMAZING. Read that book, especially with a commentary or study book. It will open your eyes every single time you read it. I've gone over that book 3 times in 3 different groups in 1 year, and it gets better each time!
I was encouraged to do Ezekiel because of my fascination with dimentional theory, the heavenly realms, angels and demons, demonology, dream interpretation, prophesy fulfillment, etc... And it was good, granted. But I don't think that's what God wants me focusing on right now.

With all my challenges, I have decided to go through Pslams and Proverbs again, to help focus my mind on praising God, and Job, the man who had everything (including health, opportunities, etc...) taken away from Him. He had friends who thought they were hlelping (peer pressure, common/societal thinking and influences...), but were working to embitter him towards God. Yet he would not turn his face from God. He asked "why!", yes. But Job also praised Him, and in that way glorified God all the more through his earthly afflictions.
I want to be Job. I want to the person who can glorify God no matter what, In spite of, and because of. So, I will hopefully start reading that soon.

But as of now, I am reading Drummond's Addresses and the daily devotional book Abundant Living. They were both inspirations for the daily devotional website that I am setting up and will soon be running. I'm just praying God gives me the time and energy to complete that among all my other responsibilities (in a timely fashion that is. It WILL be up and running in a month at the latest...a week if possible). But those two books, and the verses that the Holy Spirit leads me to in Psalms, are renewing my spirit, helping me focus on God and serving others, and allowing me to rise above all the pain I'm in physically.

If you would like to become accountability partners, calling, facebooking, emailing, meeting occasionally, etc...let me know. We can tell each other what we learned that day from the verses we read, and make sure that we are both getting in our daily bible reading. Only then can we truly grow in leaps and bounds. The Word of God is powerful people! Read it! Believe it! Practice it!
Then, you will be effective in all that  you do.

Be Well!

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