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Hello Muselings!
I have many favorite quotes, from professors, preachers, politicians, scientists, authors, friends, and family. Over time I will be adding more and more quotes. But for now, I will add quotes from friends and family. You may not get them, or find them funny. But hey! I do.
And maybe, at 3:00 in the morning hopped up on sugar and ice cream, you may too!

People You Will Run Into:
My brother, Matt, who's 15
My sister Sarah, who's 13
My littlest brother Michael, who's 3 (Yes...bit age difference!)
My friend Casey who's so close to me that we're really adoptive sisters =D
My friend McKenna, a funny, awesome girl with Dark hair and the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen!
Leah, my oldest friend, who I love very much!! ^_^


Dad: "What am I? Chopped liver!"
Matt: (In a shocked tone)"The chopped liver speaks!!!"

Me to Casey: "You half fallen into ze pool of Lufv!" (french accent!)

Me to McKenna: Angelina Jolie has big lips
McKenna: "Big lips! Big lips! Big lips!...that's fun to say!"
Me:......Big lips?...Huh. Cool! Big lips big lips big lips XD

- frustrated after mum wouldn't pick up her phone -
Michael: "I'm calling 911"
Me: Why?!
Michael: "Because they pick up the phone!" XD

Michael leaves the room, and I asked him why. He says very matter of fact, "So I could fart out there and Dad and Matt would sniff and say "It sounds (yes...sounds) like Michael farted! Ewwwe", but you will still play with me because the stinky is outside."
......It's so gross, but it still makes me go "awwwe" haha

Casey and I, sing-song voices: "Jello! Jello! Jello!"

Me: I'm imagining hitting him with a watch, and him barely even noticing that time was not in his control!!

Casey: Ok...I'm done laughing
Me: *squeaking* I'm not!....bahahahahaha
Casey: Crap..... XD

Casey: By the way, it's always the bunny's fault...
Me: XD *laugh*

Sarah: *Australian accent* 'Ello! I'm Lyle the alligator!....wait..... *embarrassed*
*Tries again* 'Ello! I'm Lyle the Crocodile. *points to self* And I'M Braindead! And we're here, to entertain you, To-night.

Leah: It's a purple Cow!!! Read more "Favorite Quotes..."
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