I have SOO many hobbies, things I like to do, and such other things. But I'll post a few of them below for you. Perhaps, when I have a bit more time on my hands, I can expand the list and give some explanations :)

  • Reading
  • Writing! (Blog, books, poems, music [a bit], essays, etc... I LOVE writing!)
  • Watching my favorite TV shows (Castle, House, Bones, Merlin, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Haven, Covert Affairs, X-files, Angel, Buffy, Star Trek Next Gen. (Yes. I'm a mild trekkie!), Poirot, Nero Wolfe, and others :)
  • Writing letters to friends and family!
  • Going on trips to other countries
  • LISTENING to music! (I often seem to live off music =P)
  • Playing music (I can't play right now because of my fibro. But I play piano and classical guitar ^_^)
  • Facebook :) hehe
  • BLOGGER. It is a new passion of mine. I love it. Writing my own posts, creating other blogs, helping people with their own, and reading other people's blogs. It's amazing. And something to do when I'm stuck in bed for hours and days on end haha)
  • Painting - I paint with acrylics, watercolors, and my absolute favorite (though it's a pain to clean up!), Oilpaints. I'm actually pretty good.
  • Drawing - Mainly people, though I can draw a lot of other things as well. But people (stylized) are my specialty. And it's my won style too. You'll not find some exactly like them anywhere else. I'm debating as to whether I should scan a few in and put them up here for you...hrm....
  • Surfing the internet.
  • Calling and talking with my friends!!!!!! YES!
  • Going out to dinner with my fam
  • Having a lovely time one-on-one with a friend
  • Hanging out with a group of my friends
  • Going to plays
  • Going to the symphony and orchestra
  • Going to concerts
  • Daydreaming
  • Teaching writing! :) :) It's awesomeness on paper, I tell you! AHH! haha
  • aaaand....I'll put more up here later if I can think of anything XD
-Rae Read more "Hobbies..."
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