What I Believe

Well, congratulations! You've made it to the "What I Believe" page!
And for me, that's a simple answer.
I believe in Christ Jesus, my Savior, my Love, my Father, my King.
I believe that Christ was born as prophesied, that he lived and performed His miracles on this earth, and that he died a death that broke the chains of death for all that followed Him after. I believe that after 3 days, He rose again, and is now sitting at the right hand of the Father, speaking on our bahalf in the heavenly courts.

Christ saved me. He Loves me, And He is never leaving me.
He can do the same for you.
Do you want to know more?
Shoot me an email (through the contact me page, or on the email on my blogger profile). We'll talk.
And hopefully, You'll soon be talking with the most Amazing being that anyone could ever know.
Would you like to know Him too?

-Rae <3 Read more "What I Believe..."
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